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Their system is a little biased to subtly preference the major parties, all the same, I think we should be working on a professional way to contact this organization to allow us access to their data. Which is invaluable.

It's also a good example of how we could start using gamification in the website design!


Oliver Minter Sun 2 Nov 2014 9:20AM

yeah i totally agree with u Rory... i used vote compass a few years ago... and its very interesting... its aamazing how different and subtle political views/opinions/changes are... i was very surprised with where i was at in the compass... - i think from memory it said i was closer to the right in terms of my economic beliefes and closer to the greens in terms of social values.... i certainly found it very very illuminating.


Oliver Minter Sun 2 Nov 2014 9:27AM

i think your right in - we should ask to share data- but i still think the main thing that makes us DIFFERENT is that we will allow ACTUAL VOTING versus simulated voting... and therefore we will be producing our own unique data of our voting clients... it will be incredibly interesting and completely unpredictable on how our clients will vote on bills...it will be a complete eye opener....i reckon aniway...


Oliver Minter Sun 2 Nov 2014 10:14AM

omg... i just did my vote compass questionaire again... i was a little annoyed by all the questions .... but i was particularlarly annoyed by what question THEY thought were bloody valid questions! thats kind of a bullshit compass in my opinion.... it gave me no new info - nothing that i needed... the main value of that compass is to show i think that depending on the issues at stake everyone will make a completely different decision every single time... so its almost like rolling a dice! in the end its just plain silly!


Oliver Minter Sun 2 Nov 2014 10:31AM

omg i am so angry about this... if the abc 's vote compass wants to have any scientific reputation - THEY need to ADMIT within the poll that everyone EVERONE's views change from day to day... its like the poll for the independence of Scotland... the closer the polls got to the date the more people were less fearful of change and the more hopeful they were that they knew that their own country had enuf valid economic values to exist strongly WITHOUT the english people..... aniway the main point was there is enuf petroluelum suplies and green technologies to suplly scotland for ages in a wealthy way - and thats EXACTLY why the ENGLISH started trying to please the Scotts very close to the election.


Oliver Minter Sun 2 Nov 2014 10:45AM

ok - i am so furious about that abc poll - BECAUSE the problem isnt that simple... god i am sooooo aangry! I NEED TO BE ABLE TO VOTE ON EACH PIECE OF LEGISLATION - then i will be happy.... - then i know i will have made the right decision and considered the dilemma carefully. I DONT WANT TO BLOODY PARTICIPATE IN BLOODY SIMULATIONS!!! AND I especially DONT WANT TO BE ASKED multiple complex questions like that! its made me FURIOUS! ---- it has calculated that i am "in the middle of this cross section! its made me feel soooo useless! !!!!!


Oliver Minter Sun 2 Nov 2014 10:58AM

i am sorry to keep banging on - but i have never been so infuriated as i am now! i was asked who i trusted more- LIBERAL LEADER or ALP leader or Greens leader - i am furious now! it doesnt bloody matter really which one is in - it depends on what they say to saying YES or NO to every piece of law or bill that is going thru either the lower house or the upper house.! its EXACTLY the same to how we vote in LOOMIO! all that matters is how the majority vote on a particular piece of legislation OR a particular matter..


Paul Mon 3 Nov 2014 7:39PM

Using the data is a good idea.


Oliver Minter Tue 4 Nov 2014 12:02AM

oh sorry guys.. i have made edits to take out any bad language....i agree with Paul - using the data will be useful.... and when we have our own voting software - we will be creating our own very valuable data on how people feel about certain issues - the difference to the people being asked a question will be that they will actually be helping to change the law - not just perform a simulation.


rory tb Tue 4 Nov 2014 10:22AM

Don't worry about it Oliver, I can empathize with your frustration.

I'm glad you both agree that the data could be useful. From my perspective it kills two birds with one stone by giving broad insight into the where the public stands on certain issues, however, it also gives us something that we can continue to update and that the public can keep coming back to, which is great for keeping the party relevant in people's minds so they don't forget about us.