Fri 10 Apr 2020 12:38PM

OPEN 2020 - Intro Webinars

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A thread to announce the intro webinars, as they are scheduled...


Oli SB Fri 10 Apr 2020 12:40PM

The first OPEN 2020 webinar is now scheduled for 23rd April at 4PM UK time...
with Stacco Troncoso and colleagues from Guerrilla Media Collective to learn about DisCos, Distributed Cooperative Organizations.


hope u can all make it!
Please share...


Jennifer Damashek Thu 23 Apr 2020 11:40AM

@Oli SB I really wanted to attend this webinar, but now I will be unable to make it. I did register. Will it be recorded, and can I receive a link so I can watch it later?


Oli SB Thu 23 Apr 2020 12:15PM

yup - I will add it to the OPEN blog asap after the event...


Vincenzo Giorgino Fri 10 Apr 2020 2:17PM


i will share the link (btw I couldn't add a comment to the invitation on loomio,,,).

I would be grateful to know if you expect a presentation on Commonshood and CO3 project from our research group.

Warm wishes,

Vincenzo Giorgino


Oli SB Fri 10 Apr 2020 2:35PM

Thanks Vincenzo – anyone who would like to organise a session please read this post
We aren’t able to do all the organizing but will support you as much as we can if you would like to create an event… We can provide a paid zoom account with webinar tools - and anyone can add events to the open event calendar


Oli SB Sat 11 Apr 2020 11:00AM

The second intro webinar with Digital Life Collective is now scheduled for a week later, at 4pm UK time on the 30th April - more info here


duncan Sat 11 Apr 2020 12:59PM

I would like to present details of our Bath Coop Alliance working party on Cooperative social care. I would welcome any digital help to get us together on Loomio..


Oli SB Thu 16 Apr 2020 9:25PM

Hi Duncan - sounds good - what help do you need, specifically?


duncan Thu 16 Apr 2020 9:31PM

dear Open Coop
want t set up a webinar for the Coop Alliance, Bath Working party

Best wishes, Duncan 26 The Green Odd Down BA2 2TH 01225832503


Oli SB Fri 17 Apr 2020 9:20AM

Hi @Duncan - so, what help do you need to set up a webinar? Do you have materials to present? And an idea of who you would like to attend? And what messages you would like to convey...? What would you like the audience to discuss or understand? If you can explain a but more about what you are thinking I am sure somoeone here in the Loomio group should be able to help...


Oli SB Thu 16 Apr 2020 9:26PM

Another Webinar has been scheduled - this one with Open Collective :)


Oli SB Thu 16 Apr 2020 9:28PM

Also very pleased to announce this Webinar with Holochain - https://open.coop/events/open-2020-webinar-holochain/ please do save the dates (there are easy calendar links on the event pages) for all the webinars and share the good news with your networks ;)


Oli SB Fri 24 Apr 2020 9:57AM

Hi All - yesterdays webinar about Distributed Co-ops seemed to go well (although only 50 out of the 80 people that registered showed up!) you can now find the video of the session, the slides, notes and the chat etc here:

And we have another webinar about Vocdoni - a tool to help with co-op governance, scheduled for the 28th May

Keep your eye on the full list of events - and submit your own, or links to any other relevant events here - https://open.coop/events/


Oli SB Thu 30 Apr 2020 9:06AM

Hi All - just a quick reminder we have our webinar with Digital Life Collective at 4pm BST this afternoon in which they will be demonstrating the open source tools the have 'skinned' and the ‘social ledger’, ‘social graph’ and ‘holons’ view of their various groups and projects.

Register now via this link: https://open.coop/events/open-2020-webinar-digital-life-collective/

This webinar relates directly to the excellent discussions about Digital Infrastructure so should help inform that debate too :)


Oli SB Wed 6 May 2020 4:44PM

We're hosting another free webinar at 4pm BST tomorrow to explore how Open Collective are building "A platform to enable communities to thrive" - if you run an aspiring platform co-op, co-op project or any other kind of group this is for you!

Register now >> https://open.coop/events/open-2020-webinar-open-collective/

more background on why Open Collective is an inspiring project we should all know about >> https://open.coop/2020/04/16/a-platform-to-enable-communities-to-thrive/


Oli SB Tue 19 May 2020 6:25PM

There are now more videos online, including the one from last week with SourceCred, in which we heard about how to incentivize collaboration: https://open.coop/blog/

And this Thursday at 4pm (BST) we will be hosting Holochain!
Please register here: https://open.coop/events/open-2020-webinar-holochain/