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I wonder whether some of the solutions adopted in fedwiki are more generally useful in OAE. Specifically, I found the UX in fedwiki exciting, fluid and responsive, and I wondered whether Mikorizal's open-value network apps might have that same sense of UX. Interestingly, it seems to me that the UX emerges directly from the architecture, and isn't just floated on top. I blogged a thought on this - here in fedwiki - and would be interested to learn what folks feel about fedwiki's approach potentially contributing in OAE architectures and apps? Are there fedwiki hackers here?

Here's a note on fedwiki - in a fedwiki on 'commoning'.


Vincenzo Giorgino Sat 2 Nov 2019 1:54PM

Hi Mike, thank you for your invitation. As a sociologist I can't be of help but I will follow with interest the development of this project.


mike_hales Sat 2 Nov 2019 2:04PM

Hi Vincenzo / Even sociologists (like you & me) can enjoy writing and collaborating in fedwiki!


Vincenzo Giorgino Sat 2 Nov 2019 6:43PM

Ok, good to know. The next two weeks it will be hard as I am leaving for some teaching at West Chester University (PA), but later I can. Best.


mike_hales Mon 4 Nov 2019 5:59PM

This comment tells how to open your own wiki.


Jon Richter Sat 14 Dec 2019 2:10AM

Hi Vincenzo, as a sociologist you have a lot to say to the project, i.e. to the contents that live within. You could like to read some of these less-technical pages:

Maybe some of those already touched subjects you are interested in?

I had also once forked (= copied) some pages (into my wiki), that have already disappeared again:

There is no nice interface for commenting or discussions in federated wiki, like here. We will always have to rely on other side channels to be able to use it within our contexts.


Vincenzo Giorgino Sun 15 Dec 2019 11:34AM

Thank you Jon,

I will get a look to these links during the next holidays.
I will also attach some papers that could be useful to understand what i currently am doing and my enactive perspective.




Thierry M. Sat 2 Nov 2019 5:08PM

Hi Mike, I've tried fedwiki in the past and I remember feeling quite frankly overwhelmed by its endless extensions possibilities. I guess I should give it a new try today.


mike_hales Sat 2 Nov 2019 5:12PM

I haven’t been tempted to get involved in fancy extensions, and am using fairly simple plugins, Markdown text basically (as you can see, in my wiki linked at the head of this thread). I’m not planning to code any plugins either. But I’m interested in whether the architecture has any insights that will help more wwidely in OAE. Or indeed, whether fedwiki could be a frame for implementing OAE app families. Bcos I very much enjoy the feel of the fedwiki UX.


Bob Haugen Mon 4 Nov 2019 5:21PM

@mikeh8 what did it take to install your own fedwiki?


mike_hales Mon 4 Nov 2019 5:56PM

Aha, there’s the question! It’s simple, but I don’t find it documented anywhere obvious. That seems to be a bit typical of the somewhat geeky fedwiki world. A friend showed me. As follows . .

  • Open any fedwiki page, perhaps.a ‘Welcome visitors’ page. The wiki you create will be mounted on this same wiki-farm.

  • Edit the url so that the first section of the name (preceding ‘.federated.wiki’, ‘.fed.wiki’ etc - the ID of the wiki-farm) is the name of the wiki you intend to create. Hit return.

  • The server fails to find this wiki and offers to create it. (Just like, later, when you write a page link to a page that doesn’t exist, it offers to create it when clicked. That’s neat.)

  • You need to unlock (claim) this new wiki - the lock symbol in the bottom toolbar. It requires you to give a name for the owner of the new wiki (“your full and friendly name” says Ward Cunningham), an email address and an ID proof for that address. It offersTwitter and Google as ID proof options (!).

  • The lock should unlock, and the site is yours, the owner name appears in the toolbar. It offers a template for a ‘Welcome visitors’ page. In future when logged in you can spawn further sites from this one under the same ownership on the same wiki-farm, without doing the ID process again.

Sites can be viewed in edit mode (<wiki> ticked in the toolbar) or read only (unticked). Be careful viewing ticked, it’s easy to drag paras on a page without meaning to, especially on a touch-screen. Other than dragging , editing on a touch screen doesn’t seem to be possible.

My Welcome page has some links to tips but I’m not an expert. The ‘How-to wiki’ flags on that page will bring better-informed folks into your search neighborhood.

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