Wed 2 Jul 2014 10:48AM

Reduce number of events for B-Semester

GN Grace Nolan Public Seen by 5

I propose we cut down on some of the event ideas we have for B-semester.

We have a lot on our plate. Maybe we could look at things we could cut down on.

Here's some stuff we've got on our plate right now:

  • quiz night
  • monthly LANs
  • industry night
  • event for both graphics and compsci students
  • programming competitions (with Bill)
  • website competition for cs3.org.nz
  • pubcrawl

Ongoing things:
- cs3.org.nz
- calendar
- isitcandytime.com
- wiki


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Send email about B semester events (soon) Closed Wed 16 Jul 2014 1:10PM

Decide what events we're going to focus on in the next couple of weeks and tell everybody in a welcome back for B semester email


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Alena Choong
Tue 15 Jul 2014 9:33PM

Should we include ladies only events as well?


Brad Cowie Mon 14 Jul 2014 1:33AM

I think events to focus on for this email:

  • quiz night (this week, is there anything else we need to do for it?)
  • IRC channel
  • that we're working on another LAN (I've heard from students that they want another one real soon)
    • email about MEA mobile visiting (this is in 2 days!)
    • email about microsoft visiting in august (too soon?)

Regarding other events -

  • programming competition is easy, I get paid to setup the entire thing so you guys won't need to do anything for it except send an email
  • pubcrawl is a must and we usually don't start organising till end of august early september, I think we've mostly solved this event

Grace Nolan Mon 14 Jul 2014 9:37PM

(cool) Simon is organising for a speaker to come on Kingitanga day. I think there is a clash on that day. I will speak more with him about it.


Grace Nolan Mon 14 Jul 2014 9:40PM

I will try and get an email written today.
Let me know if you think of anything else :)


Grace Nolan Tue 15 Jul 2014 10:59AM

I guess we should try and decide the dates for these things.
I'm drafting up an email now


Grace Nolan Wed 16 Jul 2014 7:17AM

@alenachoong Good thing you mentioned this!

We could advertise a deserts night. I'm wondering if we could advertise it in a way where we don't have to explicitly say that it's exclusive....

When do you think would be a good time? Maybe we could have it in August?