Create a Loomio App for Android

FS Filipe Silva Public Seen by 208

Since most people don't walk around with a PC or a laptop all the time, I think it would be great to have a Loomio app in each phone for easy consulting and fast decisionmaking.... What do you think of this idea?


Alanna Irving Wed 2 Oct 2013 1:42AM

Great idea @filipesilva ! We really want Loomio to work for mobile. Right now, we're focusing on making the website work better on phones. Someday we also want to make an app.

I'm going to move this to the feature ideas group.


max noble Wed 2 Oct 2013 5:11AM

I was surprised at how well Loomio works on a smartphone now. Its usable.


Matt H Fri 4 Oct 2013 6:48PM

A separate tablet app would good from a phone app but hey the latest high end Droids all have 5" screens?


Alanna Irving Sat 5 Oct 2013 3:10AM

I'd be interested to hear how Loomio works on people's phones right now. It works just fine on my Galaxy SIII.


Matthew Bartlett Sat 5 Oct 2013 6:01AM

iPhone 3GS here. Works fine but annoying constant zooming in to read the text.


Chris Taklis Sat 5 Oct 2013 10:01AM

@matthewbartlett me too for the iPhone 4s


max noble Sat 5 Oct 2013 5:12PM

The way the page is setup into 2 columns works well on my Samsung Note. Very readable. The header icons are tough to hit with my big fat fingers though.


Abraham Heinemann Fri 1 May 2015 9:36PM

Any progress on this?


Robert Guthrie Mon 4 May 2015 7:54PM

@abrahamheinemann we're working hard on a new interface built on modern web technologies... our plan is to containerise this and release it as an android and apple app.

Visit www.loomio.org/angular to turn on the new interface (and again to turn it off if you like) to see the progress.


Denjello Mon 4 May 2015 8:47PM

This is brand new, and might be one approach to getting it out there fast:

tl;dr; > setup a manifest file and push it through a node.js script. submit to the store of your choice.

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