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OPEN 2020 reinvented

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After much discussion (thanks everyone who contributed) here's the new plan...


Oli SB Thu 2 Apr 2020 11:46AM

Based on the feedback to the survey about what you would like from OPEN 2020 online, Mary's idea about smaller, ongoing sessions... and a bunch of other ideas and discussions we have pulled together a plan for OPEN 2020 - Reinvented.

We're currently working on scheduling the first few webinars (whilst juggling parenting and general lock-down chaos... so forgive us for sporadic communication / updates)...

Looking forward to making this happen... and seeing all your smiling faces online :)



mike_hales Thu 2 Apr 2020 12:07PM

Good step @Oli SB thank you 馃檪 Here is a proposal for a webinar - in fact, a cluster of four. It arises from our chat earlier this week on Platform tools and making the living economy. What 'official' steps now need to be taken to put something like this in the running schedule - in addition of course to getting commitments from the four people implicated?


Oli SB Thu 2 Apr 2020 12:29PM

great proposal thanks Mike - and a slick segue to get people here to look at Fed-wiki too :)
Invitations have been sent and discussions are ongoing about 2 of your 4: Digilife and DisCO
more news soon...


DaveDarby Sun 5 Apr 2020 11:16PM

I鈥檇 like to propose a session 鈥 a toolkit for building the new economy locally, that can be adopted wholesale, or bit-by-bit. Focus on social care and exchange medium, to keep communities ticking while other sectors are added. Connections with ideas in the links above, but I鈥檓 keen to keep keep the user experience accessible for the not-very-technical. People interested in (say) social care, food production, natural building, artisanal production etc. may not be at all interested in IT.

I鈥檇 like to see at least one local mutual credit network up and running, as a successful model to replicate in other communities. Meanwhile, Graham is building a social care co-op, as many of you will know 鈥 and he鈥檚 putting together a toolkit / step-by-step guide to starting a social care co-op in any community 鈥 and has funding to do it. The project is called 'Replicate and Federate' which I think is superb. Social care is going to be desperately needed most in all communities soon (already is, in fact 鈥 but it鈥檚 going to get worse). I鈥檝e spoken with Graham and suggested that the two things that communities will need most are social care and a medium of exchange. Graham鈥檚 interested in collaborating (and is looking to set up a local mutual credit network in Kirklees), and I thought other people might be interested too.

So rather than trying to 鈥榯ame鈥 / file off the rough edges / make this economy more sustainable and democratic, let鈥檚 pull together our efforts to build a new one from the ground up. The time is now, as the old economy is shutting down 鈥 but before Amazon can take over everything.

1. We combine step-by-step guides to starting and running a local mutual credit network and a social care co-op in communities (we鈥檝e been approached by people interested in doing this, and so has Graham). This covers the two essentials of a post-corona world 鈥 a means of taking care of each other and a means of exchange. These could be the 鈥榞lue鈥 that holds the new economy together, as well as the two biggest 鈥榗racks in capitalism鈥, into which we can drive wedges, and aim to transcend it.

2. Put this package to local authorities, funders and mutual aid groups (and Transition groups).

3. Invite others in:

  • Unicorn 鈥 have toolkit for starting a co-operative grocery store

  • CSA Network 鈥 have a guide to starting a CSA scheme

  • Sharenergy 鈥 want to start making guides for community energy schemes

  • Bread Matters 鈥 (I hear) they鈥檝e got a guide to starting a co-op bakery

  • Radical Routes 鈥 have guides on starting housing co-ops

  • CLT Network 鈥 I鈥檓 sure have guides on CLTs

  • Lowimpact has a network of trainers in 220+ topics, from natural building and renewables installation to food production and craft skills. We can produce guides to self-employment / starting a co-op in all of these topics

  • and so on

(A community can pick and choose from the package, but social care and the exchange medium are essential 鈥 the 鈥榞lue鈥 that holds it all together)

4. Make links between the step-by-step guides 鈥 e.g. Co-op grocery, step 12: join the local mutual credit network, step 13: get your veg from local CSA etc.

5. Website / name / co-op of co-ops:

Website is a repository for:

  • step-by-step guides

  • blog 鈥 contributions from various sectors / news

  • interviews, podcasts, group discussions

  • forum

  • advice

  • theory of change

6. Partner with CLES, Stir, NEF, Co-ops UK and usual suspects for dissemination.

7. Replicate and Federate 鈥 marketing: together, members and partners have a huge audience, and influence. Let's do it in every community.


Jennifer Damashek Mon 6 Apr 2020 12:45AM

I think this is so needed. I would want to be able to participate in this session. I've been thinking about wanting to do these kinds of things in my own neighborhood, but feel I do need support. I need knowledge and I need a community of people doing the same kinds of things in their own neighborhoods. If this does come together, I would want help figuring out how communities where people are better off can connect with people close by who aren't doing well. My little neighborhood has mostly people who are well-off and many of us already worked from home, so the crisis looks very different for me and my neighbors than for many other people who live near me but not within walking distance. How can communities like mine join with communities who already had a harder time, and now are being devastated.


mike_hales Wed 8 Apr 2020 8:54AM

@DaveDarby This seems like a great idea to me. I鈥檓 not sure though, how the process of assembling the webinar content of Open2020online is now working.

@Oli SB please will you clarify? Above I have a proposal too (four components, two of which may already be in your planning process - and the two of which involve you!).What must dave and I, and anybody else coming into the stream at this stage, do to have our proposals 鈥榠n the mix鈥? Will the 鈥榩rogramme committee鈥 (?) nominate projected programme as things emerge, or will there be a 鈥榖ig bang鈥 at some point - if so, when is that?

Do we proposers need to get into a dialogue with 鈥榩rogramme committee鈥 whoever? These webinars may take some planning and commitment themselves, and need lead time to organise. Not just a matter of sitting down for a Zoom call on the day. What鈥檚 the pipeline Oli?


Oli SB Thu 9 Apr 2020 3:38PM

Hi All,
To try to answer @mike_hales - OPEN 2020 REINVENTED is an emerging process... nothing is locked in stone - and I am very keen to avoid being a bottleneck to any organising or collaboration.

The initial, webinar content we are developing is in this sheet... please chip in, if u like.

The plan is that some / all of those sessions will happen before the 'big bang' on the 11th and 12th June, which I am hoping will work as on 'online world cafe' where we all come together on Zoom for an intro, then break into small groups to define the questions we need to answer to determine "How to enable small groups to form, share ideas, define shared purposes and collaborate on commons building projects, as part of a global network"?

If you would like to join the OPEN 2020 organising group - please let me know (inc your phone number - via https://open.coop/contact or DM) so I can add you to the telegram group.

If you would like to organise a session as part of the lead up to OPEN 2020 please start a new thread in the main Open Co-op Loomio channel and ask for feedback, co-organisers, define a shared purpose and set a date. Then, let the Organising group know what you will be doing where and when (with as much notice as possible) and we will promote it for you.

There as so many amazingly well informed and talented people in this group we should be able to create some highly focused events with really valuable outcomes.

The idea post-event is to carry on the work in on-going Working groups.

Hope that all makes sense!?
More soon... when I can find more time... (now only really when the baby is asleep)
If you have any questions at all please ask - but as a general principle: Act first, Ask later - If you want to start something, go ahead!

Stay safe - big virtual hugs - Oli


Ollie Bream McIntosh Thu 16 Apr 2020 3:55PM

Hi Dave. Love this idea.

Drawing on Oli's ER project - https://economicrebellion.org/ - I was thinking of proposing a session on the question of mass communication for the New Economy, ie: how to articulate an inviting vision of the future, build it into a compelling transmedia narrative, and broadcast it accessibly to millions of people from all walks of life so that a real diversity of citizens are jumping on the bandwagon. ER draws directly on XR's branding, so I suggested bringing in someone from XR's media&messaging team to do a session on mass communication for the New Economy, but @mike_hales has suggested coupling it with your approach here. I'm inclined to think a separate session might work better, but there is certainly overlap with the 7th step you've identified.

So... Could step 7 have a session unto itself, following on from yours?


DaveDarby Thu 16 Apr 2020 8:16PM

I think that sounds like a good session. As Oli says, the idea is - just do it and see who responds. I'll re-write this and 'start a new thread in the main Open Co-op Loomio channel' - you could do the same and see who likes it - and I already like it, so there's one.


Ollie Bream McIntosh Fri 17 Apr 2020 12:01PM

Will do, thanks!! :)

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