Sun 31 Mar 2013 7:45PM

Text of general ML rules to be accepted

KL Kate Lebedeff Public Seen by 274

Rules to be applied in all MLs of the Association
1. Personal attacks in any from are not allowed. It is hard to give examples of all possible attacks, we are calling to common sense of the users, and giving just few examples, what would be considered inappropriate. We stress though, that these are just examples and final decision of what is considered to be "attack" remains with the Association (Council as administrative governing body is appointing moderators for each public space).
"what are you doing here"
"you are stupid"
"you say stupid things"
"none of your business"
“you just go”
any explicit words
2. The topic of the discussion has to be clear and specified in the subject of the email.
POV has to be supported with arguments. Arguments like "I know this for a fact, dot" are not valid.
(When the point can not be specified, the author should make sure first, that he himself understands, what exactly he wants to say and what kind of feedback to get and only then to post in public).
3. If a problem or conflict appear, they are discussed first within relevant Team. When no solution is found, they are taken to Council (suggested officially as an agenda for closest next Council meeting). Only when these routes bring no result the problem can be taken to public list.
Should this be the case (though we are sure that the problems will be solved on the way), the description of the problem has to be very clear, not-emotional, sticking strictly to the subject, limited to max 400 words. The shorter – the better.
4. The email referring to problem issues should contain following points:
a. "the problem is...";
b. "I tried to solve it through official route (xx details) and it did not work ";
c. "as a result of this email I want to have..what exactly I want to have as a result of this email")


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Bernhard Rosenkränzer
Sun 31 Mar 2013 11:11PM

I'm generally in favor, but rules against off-topic etc. may be a bit too strict.

Some stuff tends to stray off-topic, and shouldn't be banned from all MLs (maybe for some).


Raphaël Jadot
Mon 1 Apr 2013 9:27PM

I'm afraid of these rules being too long, I'd prefer the shortest as possible.


Wayne Sallee
Mon 1 Apr 2013 10:37PM

I think it's too wordy, leaves people feeling like they are walking on egg shells. Leaves people unsure of what's ok, and what's not. We will get a lot of questions on the MLs asking where the line goes?


Kate Lebedeff Mon 1 Apr 2013 8:09AM

What would be your suggestion for "off-topic" rules? Also to mention, that nobody will ban for sending a "lift up your moods" link (when not too often:). Ie common sense should prevail from all parties:)


Raphaël Jadot Mon 1 Apr 2013 9:32PM

In fact there should be two texts, a code of conduct and a legal charter. I guess the legal charter should be applicable to all media (forum, comments, ML) and the code of conducts should be related to each Mailing list.
One idea of legal charter

Users are prevented to:
* Post, upload, publish, transmit, share, store or distribute through the tools provided by the association some contents that can be qualified injurious, threatening, unlawful, defamatory, unauthorized, abusive, harassing, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent, violating the privacy or the image rights, inciting violence, racial or ethnic hatred or otherwise objectionable.
* Upload, post, transmit, share or make available any private information to a third party, such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers and credit card numbers.
* Intimidate or harass someone.
* Upload, post, transmit, share, store or make available in any other way content that would constitute or encourage a criminal act or provide instructions on how to commit one, that violates a third party or is capable to engage the responsibility to a third party or violate applicable local, national or international legislation.