Tue 22 Oct 2019 4:02AM

Great news! Social Enterprise Map about to be launched!

EP Elise Parups Public Seen by 183

As part of the 2019 ‘Social Enterprise Sector Stand-up Project’ (SESP), led by QSEC and Griffith University, a number of discovery, action research, and engagement activities were undertaken.

This included crowdsourcing a map of the impact innovation ecosystem in Queensland, and creating a directory of supports available to people and organisations engaged in social impact, innovation, and enterprise activities.

The map also includes national and international supports / service providers, where the offer is available and accessible to actors in Queensland.

MAP: Check it out!


Robert Pekin Wed 23 Oct 2019 9:17PM

Great resource, well done to those concerned.

How do we add to the map as I would like to have the Food Connect Shed added as a co-working space specifically for Impact/Social Enterprises?

I'm surprised it wasn't there :)