Tue 15 May 2018 7:12AM

Latest plans for website

BW Bob W Public Seen by 311

This thread is for talking about immediate next steps in website development.


Bob W Tue 15 May 2018 7:41AM

Here are my thoughts about what to do on the website as soon as possible:

  1. Get user registration set up so that registering for the website and becoming a member of the NVC-O Community are one and the same thing. (I'm realizing it really will be simplest to not invite non-Member "guests", for now.)
    • The Vision-Purpose-Mission are available on a separate Community VPM page and Organisation VPM page. I wonder if there is a way of taking these out of the user profile form and still allowing easy access so that people really read them? Maybe a popup?
  2. Unless we can easily find a plugin or mechanism that allows us require that certain boxes be checked, or disallows registration, I wonder if we should eliminate the checkboxes for agreeing to each of the V-P-M, and instead say that submitting the form constitutes agreement to these? (Otherwise, we will end up with inconsistent data, where people have joined, are nominally members, but didn't affirm one or more items in the V-P-M.)
  3. I guess we go with having the application to become a Contributor be a second panel on the form. Again, if we can get the Organisation V-P-M out of the profile, I think that would be good, if it can be made accessible so it really gets read. And, again there is the issue of eliminating multiple checkboxs of affirmation, if we can't guarantee they'll all be checked. Or... hmmm... I do wonder a little if having the Contributor form integrated with the user profile is the right answer, or if there is a smart way of making it a separate form...
  4. Is there a mechanism we can use to mail all users? We'll need such a mechanism.
  5. We'll also need a mechanism to identify people who have applied to be Contributors, but who have not yet been "processed" (which we may need to do manually), by adding them to appropriate Groups (or setting their user type?) and sending them a welcome letter.

Other stuff that would be nice to figure out, having nothing to do with the above, include:

  1. Improving the graphic design appeal of the site.
  2. Maybe using an "accordian" feature to manage potential overwhelm from the current content of the front page.
  3. Figure out how to set up a system for registering different types of Weaves, and looking through a directory of Weaves.
  4. We'll need to figure out how to set up a directory of Members. The main thing is figuring out how we want to be able to filter users.

Then comes making the site multi-lingual.


Elkie Wed 16 May 2018 5:57AM

Dear Bob, I am quite hot about peoole really engaging with the VPM.... I see it as a fundament of the NVCO Community and a key difference with what we have now. so that would be the conundrum to solve. How can we maximise the chance that people have REALLY read and really agree with the VPM? . I know when Apple or KLM send me stuff I just click the box and rarely read a word. Want to avoid that. Xxxx. Any suggestions?


Brent Barker Fri 18 May 2018 1:14AM

Quick idea that comes to mind: Submitting short answers to questions about them when applying, for example "What's an instance where you pursued this vision, or where you'd like to?" then having a human approve those answers. This goes against the principle of automatic joining as a Community Member.

Another idea: we trust people to read it, assume that they have, then talk about it when it seems they are not aware of it, and put on regular events that involve engaging with the VPM, including self-reflection.