Tue 24 Jan 2023 12:29PM

Murmurations - 'ontology agnostic' decentralised mapping

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Discussion and updates about Murmurations.network


Oli SB Tue 24 Jan 2023 12:29PM

Hi All, quick update about Murmurations, our regenerative economy decentralised mapping project:

We are now gathering more entries in the Index and Transition Towns and the EcoRestoration Alliance are working on setting up their APIs to add all of the nodes from their maps, so the data is getting more comprehensive. :)

Geoff and team have built an excellent map-based Index explorer, which renders all of the 30,000 nodes in the Index with geo coordinates on a highly filterable map - it's already quite a useful resource for finding regenerative economy Orgs and projects, check it out here: https://map.murmurations.network/ it's not a full 'aggregator' so doesn't pull in all of the details contained in each profile, but does enable you to click through to find out more, and can be easily filtered in several different ways, check out the short demo video here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/791872327

And, if you'd like to add your Org to the map, check out the step by step instructions and video here: https://docs.murmurations.network/guides/create-a-profile.html

Hope you like it - please shout if you have any question?



Danyl Strype Thu 20 Jul 2023 5:48AM

@Oli SB Great to see Murmurations proving itself in a real world use case with potentially transformative benefits. I'll have to prod the people working on the Permaculture in NZ website, and any Transition groups still operating, to look at implementing Murmurations feeds. Has there been any serious interest in making use of Murmurations in fediverse software/ instances?


Oli SB Thu 20 Jul 2023 10:45AM

Hi @Danyl Strype at al,

We recently ran a demo of all the Murmurations tools we have built to help people share data in open, interoperable formats, and how to use these for mapping and other data-sharing projects. You can see the video here: https://murmurations.network/2023/06/21/murmurations-demo-video-synchronising-data-across-platforms/

One of the quickest wins for people wanting to use maps on their sites is the ability to create custom embedded maps really quickly: https://murmurations.network/2023/01/30/embedded-maps/

We've had a few emails from people in the fediverse but no implementation/s that I know of yet...

Feel free to put people in touch or ask questions if you need help understanding or using any of the tools ;)


Danyl Strype Thu 20 Jul 2023 11:17AM

@Oli SB

We've had a few emails from people in the fediverse but no implementation/s that I know of yet

I can see this being particularly useful in Mobilizon, and other federated events/ meetups apps.


Arnold Schrijver Mon 4 Sep 2023 12:04PM

@Danyl Strype @Oli SB there's a https://codeberg.org/fediverse/fediverse-ideas repository where you might shoot an issue to attract attention for people to add Fediverse support.


Danyl Strype Mon 6 Nov 2023 1:17AM

One question about Murmurations @Oli SB , is it possible to use it without the centralised Index? Eg can other operators run a parallel index? Or could an aggregator make its own index of projects it wants to map?


Oli SB Mon 6 Nov 2023 1:07PM

@Danyl Strype good questions :) Without an Index it would be very hard to find Murmurations profiles.... but YES, others can run their own Index - and it would be great if they did... the code is all open source: https://github.com/MurmurationsNetwork/MurmurationsServices


Danyl Strype Mon 6 Nov 2023 11:58PM

@Oli SB

YES, others can run their own Index - and it would be great if they did.

Awesome, thanks for the clarification. I've seen comments here and there suggesting that Murmurations is centralised, because of the index. If I see such comments in future, I will take great pleasure in correcting them 😆