Wed 10 Apr 2019 7:35PM


JF Josh Fairhead Public Seen by 55

Its wonderful that your all here self organising and self managing this community; everyones been on best behaviour with no fires despite a room full of moderator power! Ideally this pattern would continue forever.

However we should be real; the Giveth community previously experienced a tragedy of the commons on their Youtube channel by being open like this - someone deleted the whole channel which had to be restored via social connections into google! That recovery was pretty lucky.

So one bad actor ruined it for everyone - lets learn from that lesson :)

My suggestion is that we join a backup Loomio that has members but restricted access and generally goes unused. Thoughts?

Given membership would be optional I've gone ahead and converted a room, please add yourself here if your an altruistic actor that likes robust backup options!

One love, looking forward to the continued discourse :)


B C Thu 11 Apr 2019 5:47AM

Curious what was the 'bad actor's situation? Was it driven by malice or did they have legitimate grievances? Was there no avenue for partition of the group? (instead of bringing the whole thing down)
People don't usually do shitty things for fun, and 'tragedy of the commons' is usually not what those words suggest imo


Josh Fairhead Wed 24 Apr 2019 12:50PM

I honestly don't know the surrounding circumstances and was not around. However taking miscommunication as a given I usually try to build resiliency to avoid the potential - in an ideal world we'd all sit back and have a spliff :)

Lyrically, this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFsqacN1ZCY


Michael Shea Fri 26 Apr 2019 2:27PM

Sounds like an opportunity for an enhancement to the platform. How open is Loomio to making changes in how it operates. Could the closing or deletion of a community have to be put to a vote? This would prevent any one individual having that power, even if they had the 'admin' rights.


Josh Fairhead Sat 27 Apr 2019 1:11PM

For sure some kind of thought might be given to those scenarios by the loomio crew. Over here I make everyone an admin as it encourages community participation through co-creation and co-ownership; it enables buy in. By doing so however the cost is exposure to risk (meltdown). In my opinion though the risk is worth the upside of enabling an open space as I doubt anyone here is a bad actor however the potential lies nascent; as such it's good to have a plan B


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