Tue 23 Apr 2013 9:50PM

Recomendations to the PNC - Threshold

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What, if any, should be the required amount of votes to recommend a policy, or other, proposal to the PNC and State Parties.


Alex M (Coyo) Tue 23 Apr 2013 9:57PM

to know that, we need to determine how many pirates we have, and then decide a quorum.


Amanda Johnson Tue 23 Apr 2013 9:58PM

That is a good question. Do you think a lack of 'nay' is too high a thresh hold?


Nick Tue 23 Apr 2013 10:02PM

Yeah... too high. Anyways, a person disagreeing is always free to attend a PNC or state meeting to represent their opinions.


Zacqary Adam Green Wed 24 Apr 2013 2:05AM

Well, the proposals are right there. There's always a clear record of who agrees, who disagrees, etc. So! How about we just publish the results for anyone (whether state party, PNC, disgruntled fork of PNC, etc.) to take into consideration? "Dear world: 75% of us recommend this policy. Take that for what you will. Love, Pirate Underground."


Nick Wed 24 Apr 2013 2:21AM

Well, The original intent on the Pirate Underground was to provide recommendations to the PNC (and otherwise lobby the PNC on policy that the Underground approves of)..
Though just giving them the numbers might work. Though its transparent anyways, so the PNC can look at it whether we send it or not.


Amanda Johnson Wed 24 Apr 2013 2:46AM

I agree with Zac. It is practical and fluid.


Nick Wed 24 Apr 2013 2:55AM

I guess that could work.. I still think we should be recommending something though.


Poll Created Wed 24 Apr 2013 4:30AM

Require a Party Quorum to Ratify Closed Wed 24 Apr 2013 7:22AM

by Alex M (Coyo) Wed 26 Apr 2017 8:16AM

blocked by zach, inconsistent with pirate principles.

Should we require a quorum of all registered pirate party members to vote yay or nay for important policies such as our platform or other party charter-level decisions?


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 33.3% 1 AM(
Abstain 33.3% 1 N
Disagree 0.0% 0  
Block 33.3% 1 ZAG
Undecided 0% 10 JO DC JY KSC ER SS GJ LN BL LF

3 of 13 people have voted (23%)


Alex M (Coyo)
Wed 24 Apr 2013 4:30AM

Decisions that important should include all party members, and not be decided by state party leaders alone.


Wed 24 Apr 2013 5:33AM

We should obviously have a Quorum to Ratify.


Wed 24 Apr 2013 5:35AM

We should obviously have a Quorum to Ratify. BUT this looks like it requires 100% Quorum, which could be hard to reach. Ill post a bit more in the thread.


Lindsay-Anne Gorski
Wed 24 Apr 2013 5:56AM

It's next to impossible to get all the Pirates in America to vote on something. What we can do is let people know this exists, and whoever chooses to partcipate can do so. State decisions are made at the state level in how that party chooses to work.


Zacqary Adam Green
Wed 24 Apr 2013 7:18AM

The need to ratify a single platform for everyone is completely artificial. Just publish all the varying positions along with statistics on how many members support them. This party is supposed to celebrate diversity, not stamp it out.


Lindsay-Anne Gorski Wed 24 Apr 2013 4:41AM

Well, the vote to the left gives a percentage of who voted what.. so I dunno. Maybe?


Nick Wed 24 Apr 2013 5:22AM

Lindsay, an easy trick to remembering what is left and right is making a right angle with your thumb and pointer finger on both hands then holding them up. The one that looks like an L is the left. The other is the side with the voting chart.


Lindsay-Anne Gorski Wed 24 Apr 2013 5:24AM

Nick, you know what I meant -.-



Alex M (Coyo) Wed 24 Apr 2013 5:29AM

just in case it was unclear, my suggestion for requiring a quorum to ratify major policies for the pnc was within the context of suggestions to compile into a summary outline to be linked to #pnc at the next general assembly.


Nick Wed 24 Apr 2013 5:37AM

We should obviously have a Quorum to Ratify. BUT this looks like it requires 100% Quorum, which could be hard to reach. Perhaps this could be fixed by doing the voting online over, say, a weeks time? In which case we would need to coordinate with all the states to get emails for members... which could lengthen the process as they make necessary changes (or ask permission) to allow them to pass on emails to the PNC.


Lindsay-Anne Gorski Wed 24 Apr 2013 5:42AM

Considering PNC is biweekly, it may be doable. 100% Quorum is an extremely high rate, but I'm sure pestering everyone to vote a few times over the week would do.


Nick Wed 24 Apr 2013 5:45AM

It says "all registered pirate party members"


Lindsay-Anne Gorski Wed 24 Apr 2013 5:53AM

Uhm.. I thought he meant the ones on Loomio.

In that case, there's no way that's going to happen. One state didn't keep track of their membership at all, and at last check had ~160 people. What of those who aren't registered Pirate because the state doesn't recognize Pirate as a party/designation?


Alex M (Coyo) Wed 24 Apr 2013 7:22AM

fair enough.


Zacqary Adam Green Wed 24 Apr 2013 8:01AM

To elaborate: working groups can write documents expressing beliefs, support for policies, etc. They can go on a website, where people can upvote them or downvote them. Above a certain threshold, a platform point gets put on the "front page" of that particular topic.

Like, let's say we have a page about what the Pirate Party thinks of copyright. The abolitionist caucus writes its brief, and all the abolitionists +1 that. Then the reformists all -1 that, and write their dissenting brief. So both opinions go up there, marked as having a 70%/30% split, or whatever it turns out to be. And then one guy comes in and writes a kooky post about copyright maximalism, and everyone downvotes it and nobody agrees with it, and it stays buried.


Nick Wed 24 Apr 2013 8:23AM

Back to the original intent of this thread...
Anyone have ideas for an approval percentage to officially "Recommend" a Proposal in the Pirate Underground? Im still thinking individuals who disagree with the outcome can simply go to the PNC meetings to make sure their voice is heard. And if not, the PNC can always look here to see why people disagreed on proposals anyways. Of course, its up to the people of the Underground.


Alex M (Coyo) Wed 24 Apr 2013 8:29AM

sounds fine with me.