Request for Feedback: Discussion Notification Volume Settings

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Rob posted this in another thread and we realised we'd love to get some user feedback before moving ahead with implementation, and it deserved its own discussion. This is an evolution of our earlier work on Following. Let us know what you think!

Following was never quite right, and we’re moving towards something called “volume".

How it will work:

  • You’ll have your own personal volume setting for each discussion, and can change it any time you like.
  • Email means you’ll get emailed any activity immediately
  • Normal means you’ll see it in your inbox
  • Mute means you won’t see it unless you visit the group page.
  • You can set the default volume level for each discussion in a group, by adjusting the group volume level.

The Loomio 1.0 inbox has two modes: Unread and Recent.

  • Unread will show everything that is not muted that you have not seen
  • Recent will contain a handful of recent discussions for each group, even if you’ve seen all the content in the threads.

The ‘missed yesterday’ email will/should contain everything that is not muted that you have not seen. All activity will still show if you look directly at the group dashboard, and if someone @mentions you in a thread you've muted, you'll still get a notification.

Some of the confusion we had when we originally developed “Following” was that we wanted to tie the notion of participating with notification level, which made things a bit complex. So with the volume branch, the concept of “participating” in a thread will not be directly related to the volume level.

That said, they are related. There will be a user setting “When I participate in a discussion, email me any future activity”. And we’ll have a nice popup that, when you participate in a discussion, let’s you know that the volume level has been changed to email, and links you to the user settings page to turn the setting off. We don’t have designs for the interaction yet, but they’ll be ready soon.


Alanna Irving Mon 2 Mar 2015 4:25AM

@robertguthrie will be here to answer questions people have


Mon 2 Mar 2015 4:30AM

I presume the "Inbox" mentioned is the inbox of Loomio, not, as some might interpret it as the inbox of their emails.


Alanna Irving Mon 2 Mar 2015 4:39AM

Yeah Loomio Inbox :)


Sir Wumpus Mon 2 Mar 2015 8:12AM

I'm not sure if this is already in the plan, but the current system has a behavior that I like, and I would like to see it preserved (assuming I set the right options, etc.).

I get an email notification for new discussions, and for new proposals within discussions. If I'm not participating in a discussion, these are the events that might trigger my interest in participating.

If I choose not to participate, I don't get other email notifications, which makes sense.

Will there be a way to set the default volume for a group, to say "Email me for NEW discussions and proposals, but then drop the volume down to Normal until/unless I participate."? In other words I want the creation of a discussion or proposal to have a higher volume than the rest of the comments and positions taken and such.


Robert Guthrie Mon 2 Mar 2015 9:33AM

@sirwumpus yes. That detail will be preserved through these changes.


Philippe Ponge Mon 2 Mar 2015 12:48PM

Cela semble très bien.
Avec par défaut un paramétrage sur le niveau intermédiaire "normal".
Enfin pour l'envoi de mail, une option avec envoi hebdomadaire pourrait être apprécié.


Greg Cassel Mon 2 Mar 2015 4:43PM

I like the Volume feature a lot; thanks so much @robertguthrie for articulating it, @alanna for your proactive leadership in communications, and everyone for your hard work on 1.0 :)


Robert Guthrie Mon 2 Mar 2015 7:03PM

@philippeponge thanks for your feedback! Regarding the weekly email option, I worry that discussions might be stale after up to a week of waiting.

The daily email option does not send you anything if there are no unread discussions, meaning if you belong to just a few low volume groups, you'll get a summary email just when there is activity.


Gray Tue 3 Mar 2015 6:32PM

We're great fans of the daily summary email. Don't really need much else as it gives a great heads up on any trending conversations etc.


Carlos Gallo Garavano Thu 5 Mar 2015 10:48AM

I agree with this interesting proposal

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