Fri 20 Jul 2018 2:11PM

Additional services on website?

J Jim Public Seen by 64

It would be useful for our coop to have four extra services on the website:


Not sure if this should be a Loomio proposal, apologies if not.


Chris Croome (Webarchitects Co-operative) Fri 20 Jul 2018 2:20PM

Hi Jim, you should go ahead and add the services you think are missing, please try to find or make decent logos for them so the site doesn't look bad afterwards, there are some brief notes on the wiki and you can always test the logos on the dev site first if you are unsure or would like others to look at them first.


Jim Fri 20 Jul 2018 2:28PM

Cheers Chris.


Jonathan Fri 20 Jul 2018 7:30PM

I would only ask whether 'compliance' is too, I dunno ... too broad? I think the other 3 sound OK :)