Sun 8 Dec 2019 3:15PM

Wikipedia Coop Fund - A New Coop With Platform6 Hosted Open Collective

LS Leo Sammallahti Public Seen by 54

I've started a new platform cooperative/democratically governed fund. Here is an article about it, but a short explanation is this:

- Anyone can join for 1$/month, using Open Collective hosted by the Platform6.

- The money is distributed on 1-member-1-vote basis to members who have written to Wikipedia about coops, using a Loomio group.

- Members can request articles in Loomio again.

- I personally donate 20$ for every member for the first article they write that has been requested (the member herself/himself can request the article).

I got the idea after adding 9 mentions of coops to popular Wikipedia articles ranging from "France" to "The Internet" (see image attached), with combined 32 million views/year. It took maybe few hours to add the mentions, so this seemed like a rather effective way of doing outreach.

Eventually I would love to build the articles into a Wikibooks (a sister project of Wikipedia) project about cooperatives - an ever expanding, regularly updated, comprehensive and collaboratively written text book about coops.

I would also like to build a new coop template (a thing that it's in the bottom of coop related articles) for Wikipedia - I've attached an image of what it could look like.

This is not against Wikipedia guidelines, as long as everyone discloses their affiliation openly.