Sat 14 Mar 2020 4:26AM

Using subgroups for content organization

JN Jade Northrup Public Seen by 65

Hi. I hope you all are safe and healthy in this crazy time.

I have a question that may be a small feature request:

I love Loomio, and I'm trying to find a way to use it as more of a general discussion forum for a local XR branch that I'm part of.

Our permissions are set to "secret" for the group because we want to be able to put private info in the group & subgroup descriptions.

We trust members that we add to our Loomio group. As such, it would be nice to have some subgroups that have the option of users joining them without needing approval. Would it be possible to enable the "anyone can join / needs approval" radio button group that is normally present for "Public" group permissions -- but in the case of a "Closed" subgroup?

That be useful for cases where we have a structure like:

  • GroupX

    • General Info

    • Help

    • Events

    • ... (etc)

(Not unlike the Loomio Community!)

... and as long as someone has been invited to GroupX, they could participate in the other subgroups without a lot of management.

PS: I am aware that we can add new users to multiple subgroups, and also when creating a new subgroup we can add existing members into it easily. I'm also aware that subgroups can have their private threads visible to members of the parent group. But all of those solutions aren't quite as smooth as "add user to GroupX, let them join various subgroups at their leisure".