Suggestions for Twitter Best Practices

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Would love to hear about the tactics folks are using on the @NatGat2014 account.

By externalizing practices we can better amplify the work.

I am currently building Lists of Accounts to add value to the account by providing short lists & in hopes of attracting the attention of those placed on them.

What tactics do you use when you log onto the account?


Jackie Sun 27 Apr 2014 7:06AM

there's an existing empty titan pad we had set up but never used. u can re-purpose.


I'm not one of the tweeters this year.


Jackie Sun 27 Apr 2014 4:57PM

invited @triciafromphilly and @kerri - not sure who else is tweeting. (not sure if Kerri is either - are you Kerri?)


Tricia Sun 27 Apr 2014 5:42PM

Thanks! @justin2 and Miles from Boston are also tweeting from @NatGat2014. I don't think Miles is on Loomio


Jackie Sun 27 Apr 2014 5:53PM

ah - is that the Miles Wilkerson I see on the facebook groups? glad you are getting some help, Tricia.


Tricia Sun 27 Apr 2014 6:54PM

Yes, Miles is doing follow Friday #FF
and thanks for retweets @justin2 is a wizard


Justin Mon 28 Apr 2014 10:52PM

I'm not participating on the titan pads as they are not inclusive or transparent in their design. It's the platform not the info, sorry.

I'm a bigger fan of pirate pads- no need for logins.

I'll take a look at the Titian Pads.. I've been doing a social media survey of NatGat trying to see how the public can find us.. Quite a mess. Everything directs you in dif directions..

Best tactic is to use social media like spokes on a wagon wheel that all draw eyes to main web asset.

In our case www.natgat2014.net

Here's what the basic foot print of NatGat looks like online:


Kerri Tue 29 Apr 2014 6:37PM

recreating the wheel again, are we? looks like basically the same list of links i've been posting around. mess just got bigger again. and fyi, i'm not a web page person. i have never been to the www.natgat2014.net page What's a stirring committee? and do those people want to help with the already ongoing outreach working group? i see no need for 2 groups unless you can delineate tasks a little better.


Kerri Tue 29 Apr 2014 6:40PM

oh, and the orig question (sorry got distracted again by all the OT stuffs) I have the PW but have never tweeted yet, b/c honestly every time i go look at the feed it seems well covered. i'm not a "touchy-feely retweet and respond to everything" kinda girl though. better left to those that find that kind of thing valuable.


Jackie Tue 29 Apr 2014 8:32PM

dup work https://piratenpad.de/p/OccupyNatGat

cannot emphasize enough:

or even need to have an account to view or edit.

I like pirate better too for colors, but the titan accounts allow for keeping all docs under one umbrella - good for us and good for next year's planners. there is a system there - every wg has a main pad that they can house any number of docs on.

noone needs to remember every pad number or name - only the ones you personally work with.
for the bigger list, go to Table of Contents http://natgat2014.titanpad.com/46
there's even a copy with a name so folks don't need to remember the number for the TOC

I do agree with Justin that all media should direct folks back to the Hub (or website if/when we have it) where this info is:

Find us:
Contact: [email protected]
NATGAT2014 Hub
Twitter @NATGAT2014 #Natgat2014
ONG Rebelmouse
Occupy National Gathering Facebook Page

Plug into Planning and Organizing:
Attend our Planning and Working Group Calls
Join Working Group Mailing Lists
Volunteer/Offer an Activty
Loomio – ONG Organizing Group
ONG 2014 Group on Commons
NatGat3 Facebook Planning Group
(of course hotlinked there)

this is where schedule and other impt tie-it-all-together info will be posted in the future.

p.s. sorry to go off topic but really thought it important to clarify about titan pads
pp..s. there is even a TOC for NON-Titan docs
Table of Contents - NON-TITAN
so if we must use other platforms, please add there so folks can find them.


Jackie Fri 2 May 2014 8:47PM

who's tweeting from here?

It would be great if description could be updated, something like:
In 2012, the Caravan launched from 3 west coast cities to bring Occupy's voice to scores of towns across the USA...and was a wild success. Thank you all.
In 2014, we're headed to Sacramento CA!
(maybe use hub? http://interoccupy.net/natgat2014/)

http://occupycaravan.com · occupycaravan.com -- site does not exist


Tricia Fri 2 May 2014 8:56PM

Scotty "One Love" Wells from LA tweets from that account


Julia Clark Mon 5 May 2014 7:17PM

Please take care when researching website names They are often bought up when an interest is shown :

Whois Server whois.discount-domain.com
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Updated Date 22-apr-2014
Creation Date 22-apr-2014
Expiration Date 22-apr-2015

Last update of whois database Mon, 05 May 2014 19:12:22 UTC <<<

That said all of these are available


Available for registration
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occupycaravan.eu [?]
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12.95 USD
occupycaravan.ca [?]
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17.95 USD

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47.95 USD

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I can have any one of them up within days (hours) with a basic wordpress or some other basic or pre-manufactured code.


Justin Wed 7 May 2014 5:22AM

let's just make a tumblr? funds should go into essential items like food, shelter & medical supplies..


Sally G Wed 7 May 2014 11:23AM

@justin2, What is a tumblr? You mention funds, is that a fund-raising page? We have an AfGJ page linked on our Web site; the items you mention are
@jackie I was going to make the same Titan Pad comment that you did, but I seem to remember I HAVE seen some Titan pads saying that you must have an account; I know that they can be made either private or public. I wish there were an easier way to check on that then by going to each one individually.


Jackie Wed 7 May 2014 1:10PM

@sallyg - there are a very few private pads and those DO need a pw - they are tech codes, and/or if a pad is being developed for a new group or purpose, it might stay private until developed. I think there are literally only 2, maybe 3 private pads out of 67 or so.
OR - someone creates a pad and forgets to click public (they are created private due to it being an account (natgat2014) in which case someone should give a heads up.


Jackie Wed 7 May 2014 1:13PM

@justin2 Why tumblr? isn't that blog/pic site?

and yes, donations to the general fund, i.e.
are for necessities such as food, sanitation, supplies, shelter.


Tricia Wed 7 May 2014 1:26PM

The stand alone website looks like it is not going to happen. I think tumblr is a good idea, easy to set up and can collect the pictures and videos and crowdsourced graphics. We can use it to stream and collect the events and blog them out as they are happening. Here's how to videos 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmM1aQrXYEU 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjrZEqz3LiU


Sally G Wed 7 May 2014 7:54PM

how does tumblr compare to rebelmouse? I know we have a page there.


Justin Thu 8 May 2014 3:54AM

Rebel Mouse is a Twitter & FB Marketing Promo Tool- it takes posts from various platforms & presents them in an easy to read format-

Great to build a network because it has automation where it tweets out top users via twitter often earning a RT or mention of the rebel mouse.

it's not a webpage to post original content to. used most often to present Twitter Content in a form non-Twitter users can engage with.

We should also set up a paper.li account as well- It's what Rebel Mouse is modeled after- Same idea but geared for a slightly more mature, conservative visual branding. Think Symphony (paper.li) VS Rock Opera Band with a DJ (Rebel Mouse).

Tumblr is a blog platform like WordPress but fer brands, artists, hipsters & 4Chan graduates.

We should use all three.


Jackie Thu 8 May 2014 1:18PM


Do you have a contact for Scotty “One Love” Wells from LA who tweets from Occupy Caravan?

It would be great if we could get some coordination with him and use this twitter for the current caravan, get an updated description.


Jackie Thu 8 May 2014 1:27PM

Someone created a paper.li account for natgat - I only know this from admining the email account. ([email protected])
I asked other admins; no response. I'm glad to find this is a legit, recommended aggregate source, but we should know who created and who is admining.

Also should this get listed to our long list of sites on our Find Us section?



Tricia Thu 8 May 2014 2:00PM

I think it might have been one of those widgets that was accepted through the gmail account. There were a bunch of them. I cleaned it out and hopefully they'll stop sending


Jackie Thu 8 May 2014 4:55PM

I don't understand widgets or why/how they are accepted in an email account. Can you clarify further?

Also what exactly did you clean out? how - no comprende.


Tricia Thu 8 May 2014 6:58PM

An app not a widget Under settings i clicked off "Apps & activities
Manage your apps and Activity Log, including who can see your Google and third-party activities.


Justin Thu 8 May 2014 9:39PM

Actually I made the connection but got distracted by the dramaz- and forgot about it. my bad. solid platform. i use for all my clients.. helps with #SEO in search engines as well.