Sun 7 Dec 2014 4:07PM

Thunderclap New Year's campaign

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With Facebook changing its ToS once again, I think there is great momentum around the 1st of January to get people to check out Diaspora. We should use this opportunity and I suggest starting a thunderclap campaign that hits around New Year's!

I am willing to set it up but would love your help with creating the draft :-)

If we're doing this, we need to go about it pretty fast, so we have some time to get the thing viral amoung all diasporians who still own Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr accounts.

So let's do some brainstorming here!


jakobdee Sun 7 Dec 2014 5:58PM

just keep thinking of animated exploding snowdrops (for Yule) that contain dandelion seeds expanding across a webpage - like the old Microsoft easter eggs? .. the dandelion seed is the visual ploy ... certainly beats a blue F ;)


jakobdee Sun 7 Dec 2014 6:00PM

nice for a follow-up in February for Valentines Day - they love me - they love me not


jakobdee Sun 7 Dec 2014 6:03PM

lastly not a love of negative campaigning .. but this might grease the drafting wheels :) https://en-gb.facebook.com/policies/


sumimasen Sun 7 Dec 2014 6:16PM

@jakobdee are you capable of creating such animations?


jakobdee Sun 7 Dec 2014 6:24PM

my coding skills are undisciplined o_0 ... but i am looking into AMOR http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=311712 ... see how i can modify it for posting on webpage ... and if it would work


jakobdee Sun 7 Dec 2014 6:32PM

@sumimasen i know how you feel ... its trying to see the macrocosm to affect the microcosm .. and the importance of confidence ;) ... but most just go for it - accepting falling 50 meters probably isnt a good idea .. but most land like a cat ;) ... i just get frustrated at my lack of knowledge .. this is also something i can do things about :)


jakobdee Sun 7 Dec 2014 6:44PM

@sumimasen lol ... if that doesnt compel you to switch or switch off ... a psychiatrist may be required 0_0 .... or you ARE a psychiatrist ;p


[deactivated account] Sun 7 Dec 2014 6:47PM

LOL @jakobdee @sumimasen No, he already switched, he's just using facebook to promote diaspora* :P


jakobdee Sun 7 Dec 2014 6:54PM

:) .... its okay ... i was using 'you' in a subjective way (my subjectivity gets me into a lot of trouble ;p) .... any ideas on the draft ... or subconscious triggers ... to me the facts and rational judgements are blatantly obvious - but its helping the blind thats the objective


jakobdee Sun 7 Dec 2014 7:11PM

i know ... "come to Diaspora .. at least ten of us will sleep with you" .... nah ... doesnt really fill the 140 characters requirement ;) ... i will get to work on a few things ... if you need a bounce...illuminate the Loomio :) good luck/have fun


sumimasen Mon 8 Dec 2014 9:42AM

Ok let's shoot some idea's (132 chars max):

"Facebook ABUSES the most precious thing you ouw: your friendships! It's time for change... Join the FREE PEOPLE at Diaspora!"


sumimasen Mon 8 Dec 2014 9:45AM

"New-Years's resolution: don't let Facebook abuse me and my friends any longer. It's time 4 change! Join the free people at DIASPORA!"


[deactivated account] Mon 8 Dec 2014 12:23PM

Facebook wants to own my privacy, my creations and my friends? No! 2015 I join DIASPORA, the social world where you are in control.

(btw sorry for my english


Jason Robinson Mon 8 Dec 2014 8:26PM

Facebook wants to own my privacy, my creations and my friends? No! 2015 I join DIASPORA, the social world where you are in control.

I like this :) Though we need hashtags. So maybe;

Facebook wants to own my #privacy, my creations and my friends? No! #2015 I join #DIASPORA*, the social world where you are in control.

Deadline - I think jan 1st is too soon - unless we do this quick. Like tomorrow or something ;)

Also we need the "longer text", ie explaining why one should participate. And image would be nice too. And time for podmins to maybe spam their users if they want that ;)

Jan 1st would have been nice, but too soon maybe?


[deactivated account] Tue 9 Dec 2014 1:10PM

I agree we are short of time, but I still think we should do something for the 1st of January, at least a small thing... it could be posting a blog article with everything we discussed on the official pages (Facebook, Twitter).


Jason Robinson Tue 9 Dec 2014 7:42PM

Ah, didn't know Thunderclap needs money to do it effectively. Maybe whatever we can scrape together for a push on 1st of Jan then?

@sumimasen there is a lot of art here too: https://wiki.diasporafoundation.org/Logos,_icons_and_visual_art

Personally I don't even have time to do the old stuff I've taken on so I'm going to have to just keep as a commenter role here. If @sumimasen you want to take lead and go ahead with this, please do :)


sumimasen Tue 9 Dec 2014 8:15PM

Hey thanx for that page, I hadn't found it yet.
I appreciate you commenting @jasonrobinson
I'll see if I can come up with something good in time. If not, I'll go on preparing for the next opportunity so we have something ready to go.


[deactivated account] Fri 12 Dec 2014 7:30AM

@sumimasen if you need I'd be happy to help. I really feel its a good time... I know there are people out there wanting to leave Facebook they just don't know diaspora* exists. :-)


[deactivated account] Sat 13 Dec 2014 8:55AM

This should be announced on d*. More people needed.


[deactivated account] Sat 13 Dec 2014 8:57AM

@Perig Gouanvic

This should be announced on d*. More people needed.

So, please, @sumimasen @mflo @jakobdee - spread the word on diaspora*!


[deactivated account] Sat 13 Dec 2014 9:05AM

Forgive me for not doing more, I'm having trouble catching up.


[deactivated account] Sat 13 Dec 2014 9:54AM

@Perig Gouanvic no worries, buddy ;


sumimasen Sat 13 Dec 2014 9:57AM

I'd love more input! Will share again on d*....

So far I like mflo's suggestion ("Facebook wants to own my #privacy, my creations and my friends? No! #2015 I join #DIASPORA*, the social world where you are in control.")

But this was hardly a brainstorm. We need more sugestions to choose from. Please spend a few minutes to think of a good text (132 chars max)

We have other things to decide

-what image do we use? (I'll look into that today, suggestions or new artwork welcome!!!)

-what webpage do we link to? (I'd say diasporafoundation.org)

-what suppoters goal wil we set? small(100), medium (250) or large(500) (thunderclap will not hit unless goal is reached)

-what date do we want the thunderclap to hit? approxitmately? (I'd say maybe 2nd of january. In that case we should launch the 19th of december)

-we also need a paragraph of two explaining why one should participate for on the thunderclap website. (I would really appreciate some help from an eloquent native english speaker on for this. Anyone up for this, of maybe know someone who is good at this?)

@mflo thanks you want to help out! What would you like to do?


[deactivated account] Sat 13 Dec 2014 12:29PM

@mflo How can I help? I can translate the texts to French (the framasphere french pod reached 10'000 users on Friday) if Thunderclap allows it. I also assure my daily active help during the campaign :-D on d* and social networks on the French Community.

-image: I think the "I moved to diaspora" image is great for this campagn. I know the one I use for my profile can be used https://free-beer.ch/people/49289360303301324b1a368a90799e46
I also like the picture with the dandelion (the one used for the official FB account). There are loads of dandelion gif maybe

  • I'd also say link to diasporafoundation

  • medium or large goal. I'm sure we can reach it in 2 weeks.

  • 19th of december, let's be crazy!

  • For the text,maybe we could use the the ones on the diasporafoundation.org 1st page - (Decentralisation - Freedom - Privacy)


sumimasen Sat 13 Dec 2014 12:50PM

Do you really think 250 to 500 backers is possible?
What are good ways to achieve this?
Is there a way to notify ALL podmins for instance?

I have to head off to somewhere right now, I but will commit tomorrow to putting together a launchable draft with the input that's comming in today (hopefully!!) We can then adjust (and translate) it untill we feel it's good to go. Ok?


sumimasen Sat 13 Dec 2014 12:57PM

Suggestion from Anime Machina:

Do not put the blame on FaceBook it will just vent off more people. I would also add a link or some thing with resources on it like a landing page with all the information.

'Reclaim your Freedom! Join the privacy aware #diaspora* social media network!'


Jason Robinson Sat 13 Dec 2014 12:59PM

I'd also mention "ad free" - that is how Ello generated their buzz

‘Reclaim your Freedom! Join the ad free privacy aware #diaspora*
social media network!’


sumimasen Sat 13 Dec 2014 1:05PM

Reclaim your Freedom in #2015! Join the ad free privacy aware #diaspora*, the social media network where YOU are in control!


sumimasen Sat 13 Dec 2014 1:07PM

Keep 'm comming!!


sumimasen Sat 13 Dec 2014 1:13PM

Reclaim your Freedom in #2015! Join #Diaspora, the ad free, privacy aware social media network where YOU are in control!


jakobdee Sat 13 Dec 2014 2:14PM

tired of your eaves - dropping? weatherproof your social networking this winter ... choose #Diaspora - privacy aware roofing .......


jakobdee Sat 13 Dec 2014 2:24PM

looking for a social network vehicle that responds to your every manoevure ... join the sporty #Diaspora .. verstatile,fast ... exclusive ... (i guess im aiming at a vague market - but just adding these for fun too :))


jakobdee Sat 13 Dec 2014 2:44PM

@Perig i will keep on with stuff ..have reshared the few D* contacts already ..dont want to alienate them o_0 ... still working out anims ... that is when capitalism hasnt a gun at my head 0_0 ... busy time .phew .. but ask a busy person :) ... they got the momentum ;)


the gring Sun 14 Dec 2014 6:28AM

just thought about replacing the lovely word "freedom" with the word "conscience" but maybe a little too heavy?

... reclaim your social media conscience :)


Jonne Haß Sun 14 Dec 2014 1:58PM


sumimasen Mon 15 Dec 2014 12:41PM

OK, I tried to create some options for an image to go with the campaign. Would appreicate feedback!


sumimasen Mon 15 Dec 2014 12:45PM

I used some licence free CC images.


sumimasen Mon 15 Dec 2014 12:55PM

ping @mflo :-)


[deactivated account] Mon 15 Dec 2014 1:02PM

Great work!!!!!
I love the first one, with the blue sky and the three seeds. It is minimal, simple and evokes freedom


sumimasen Mon 15 Dec 2014 1:08PM

I think the goal is to let potential Facebook refugees know we exist, not to bash FB directly. So I would like to keep it neutral, clean, positve and informative.

Because there is also a link (to diasporafoundation.org) in the thunderclap message we're down to 117 chars unfortuanly. That's why I was pondering having some more text in the image..

However there is also a place for "our story" on the thunderclap page itself so we might aswell put it there and keep the image clean, what do you think?

"Reclaim your freedom in #2015! Join #DIASPORA, the ad free, privacy aware, SOCIAL NETWORK where YOU are in control! " is exaclty 117 chars...

I will go on now collecting text for the "our story" part.
Hope to have a proposal this evening.


[deactivated account] Mon 15 Dec 2014 5:01PM

I think you are right, it should be a positive message, for the people out there who are looking for another social network but never heard of diaspora.

What do you think about "try" diaspora instead of "join"?

And - but I'm really not sure of that one- "Be free" instead of "Reclaim your freedom".. so we could add "open source" afterwards. But maybe its too ugly?


sumimasen Mon 15 Dec 2014 5:03PM

@jasonrobinson @jhass @Perig Gouanvic would you take a quick peek at the images above and tell me if you think there's something usable there? Thanks!


goob Mon 15 Dec 2014 6:27PM

There are some nice designs there.

The only comment I'd make on first view is to say 'own your data' rather than 'own your own data', to avoid using the same word twice so close together. (Also, if you don't own your data, it's not your own data... if you see what I mean.) But it's just a slightly more tidy phrase.

I wonder about 'Reclaim your freedom, your privacy and your data in 2015!' (the bold is optional). That gets privacy in there as well, and as moving from not owning your data to owning it is reclaiming, I think it fits in there too.

Also, in one of them it says 'Join diaspora'. I wonder about changing that to 'Join us in diaspora*', partly because that sounds more personal and friendly, and also because the phrase 'join diaspora' can encourage the confusion that diaspora = joindiaspora.com, which we've been trying to get away from over the past couple of years.

Does any of that sound useful? I admit I haven't really taken the trouble to understand this campaign, so I might be giving the wrong kind of advice.


sumimasen Mon 15 Dec 2014 6:52PM

@goob thanks, that's really helpful!! You are totally right about own your own, but I took it from diasporafoundation/about page that's why :-) I think I'll change it for tidiness.

I'm not native in English, but to me join us in diaspora sounds a bit weird to me. Maybe join us on diaspora? it does sound more personal, I agree..

Don't worry about the campaign you'll get it when it launches hopefully :-)


sumimasen Mon 15 Dec 2014 7:33PM

Ok here's a draft for the campaign page. Note that the people reading this will be both existing D* users that we want to encourage to participate and contacts of those people that might also be willing to back our campaign.
I am slightly dyslectic so if you spot any typo's let me know ;-)
So here it goes:

Join us on Diapora* and reclaim your freedom, your privacy and your data in 2015!

  • it's ad-free!
  • it's nonprofit!
  • it's decentalized!
  • it's privacy aware!
  • it's open source!
  • it's growing fast!
  • it's easy!
  • it's for YOU!

With major social media corporations constantly changing their terms of service for the worse, lots of people are looking for alternatives! YOU can help them reclaiming their online freedom by letting them know diaspora* exists!

What can you do to make this campaign a major succes?

  • Please back this Thunderclap campain by lending out your Twitter, Tumblr, and/or Facebook account (if you still have one..). If we reach your supporter goal, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr post from all your supporters, creating a wave of attention.

  • You can make a compelling post on all your social media accounts with a link to this thunderclap website, asking your friends to back the campaign too.

  • You might want to post a message to in any (Facebook) groups you are involved in.

  • You can embed a link to the campaign page on your blog or website. The code is available on the campaign's project page. Just click the "Embed" link and copy and paste the code into the HTML of your webpage.

  • You can send out an email to all your friends refering them to this thunderclap site, asking them to back it up!

  • You can talk about it at school or at work :-)

  • You can use all the artwork that is provided here to make your messages more attractive, or you can of course create your own!

  • If you are following any famous people, policitians, or other public figures you think might be receptive to what diaspora* stands for, consider sending them a tweet or a message kindly inviting the to back te campaign and re-tweet/ re-share.

  • And you can ofcourse ask your friends and family to join in (as a christmas present to you :-))

  • You probably have some other creative ideas. Share them on diaspra* using the hashtag #thunderclap2015!


goob Mon 15 Dec 2014 7:42PM

Oh you're right, well spotted. I wrote that a long time ago, and I can't think why. I think I did it for emphasis, to try to be clever, but on reading it again I'm not so sure it's so good. I'll revisit that page and might change that text. Thanks!

In/on diaspora is an interesting question: 'on the platform' vs. 'in the network'; I was thinking primarily of 'in the community', which is what we want (I think) to promote diaspora as. I think (as a native English-speaker) that 'in' sounds better, but it's not a definitive decision.


sumimasen Mon 15 Dec 2014 8:17PM


Be sure to keep the message positive. This isn't set up for bashing other platforms, it is set up to inform people that Diaspora exist so they know they have a choice.


[deactivated account] Tue 16 Dec 2014 9:50AM

Very good text sumimasen! watch out the forgotten "R"

it’s ad-free!
it’s nonprofit!
it’s decentRalized!

I was wondering, when we discussed the draft earlier, there was the idea to spread that diaspora may not have all the features as other social network, but offers ethical values. Maybe we could add something like that. Just that newbies don't expect too much..


ZV Thu 18 Dec 2014 12:36PM

Perhaps “Join the Diaspora!”, using Diaspora as a verb or an action-packed noun, which really, it is.


ZV Thu 18 Dec 2014 12:41PM

Regarding lack of features... where are the games at? If I develop a social game myself, could I set it up to work on diaspora?


Camil Thu 18 Dec 2014 2:35PM

@zv this is indeed a very good point, kindly start a new discussion, because developers should take your idea into account on a larger scale perhaps :-)


Steffen van Bergerem Thu 18 Dec 2014 4:38PM

@zv You would need an API. We already have a discussion about that here on Loomio and a pull request on github.


sumimasen Fri 19 Dec 2014 6:14PM

Ok I'm about to submit. I'm considering what @goob said, but I'm having trouble fitting it into those 117 characters.

I suggest we do:

"Reclaim your freedom in #2015! Join #DIASPORA, the ad free, privacy aware, SOCIAL NETWORK where YOU are in control!"


Break free in #2015! Join us on #DIASPORA, the ad free, privacy aware, SOCIAL NETWORK where YOU are in control!


Reclaim your #freedom, your #privacy and your #data in #2015! Join us on #DIASPORA* the open source social network!


sumimasen Fri 19 Dec 2014 6:51PM

@mflo what do you think?


[deactivated account] Fri 19 Dec 2014 7:30PM

Great, it's about to start!

I like the "break free" one. it make think of the Queen song, it's good !


sumimasen Fri 19 Dec 2014 8:29PM

I think I agree. Breaking free feels more powerful (and positive) than reclaiming....

So we'll go with that I guess...

What supporters goal should we set? No Idea how this campaign will be received by the community.. my innitial post got a fair amount of reshares but not nothing too impressive..

You seem to be able to adjust the goal during the campaign. Should we be bold and shoot for 250 or 500 supporters, or maybe better to start at 100 and see how people respond?


[deactivated account] Fri 19 Dec 2014 8:50PM

Yes, let's start with 100 and see... If we can promote over all social medias (all diaspora accounts), that be great


sumimasen Fri 19 Dec 2014 9:01PM

Also, what timezone should we pick? I think it's best to pick US eastern time.. (GMT -5)

If it hits at 12:00 am US eastern time it is 18:00 in europe (GMT +1).
(whereas if it hits at 12:00 GMT it is 06:00 am in US central..)


sumimasen Fri 19 Dec 2014 9:13PM

Agreed. I got another vote for the "break free" version from Anime Machina, so let's go with that one.

Other details:

organizer name
Diaspora*, the social network where you are in control!

Who are you?
Diaspora is a decentralized, nonprofit, ad free, privacy aware, open source social network. In diaspora* you own your data. You do not sign over any rights to a corporation or other interest who could use it without your consent. With diaspora*, your friends, your habits, and your content are YOUR business ...

Join DIASPORA* social network!


message link

I tweaked the text i posted earlier a bit and added :

While diaspora may not yet have all the features other social network offer (mind you, the open source community is adding features all the time...!), it does offer you *ethical values** that many other social networks lack! *

Let's hit submit...?


[deactivated account] Fri 19 Dec 2014 9:19PM

Yes, great! let's go


sumimasen Fri 19 Dec 2014 9:25PM


sumimasen Fri 19 Dec 2014 9:26PM

I just picked that image, can be changed later if we want.


sumimasen Fri 19 Dec 2014 9:40PM

@mflo Can I send you the final text so you can translate it into french?


[deactivated account] Sat 20 Dec 2014 7:56AM

Sorry to answer now but of course yes, i ll do it as quick as i can


[deactivated account] Sat 20 Dec 2014 9:40AM

Can you add the french translation to the campaign or the campaign itself will only be in english?


sumimasen Sat 20 Dec 2014 10:12AM

The campaign itself will be in english, as there is no feature for it being multi lingual. But we can add the french translation to the updates section I believe. Never done this before, so not entirely sure, will have to see once the campaign has been approved..

We can also use the text (both french and english) in diaspora posts explaining the campaign I guess.

Oh, and I can make french versions of the promotional images, If you provide me with translations.. :-)


sumimasen Sat 20 Dec 2014 10:17AM

btw, thank you so much for helping out!


sumimasen Sat 20 Dec 2014 10:41AM


sumimasen Sat 20 Dec 2014 11:09AM

fixed some typo's


[deactivated account] Sat 20 Dec 2014 1:32PM

I'm starting now. watch out, the first diaspora misses an S

No, thank you, you did this ;-)


[deactivated account] Sat 20 Dec 2014 4:18PM

french version


sumimasen Sat 20 Dec 2014 8:49PM

@mflo great work! I will add your translation asap! I think (hope) someone is working on a spannish translation aswell. I will do a dutch version.

Tomorrow I will do a kick-off post on diaspora to officially start this thing, let's hope people are up for it :-)


sumimasen Sat 20 Dec 2014 9:50PM

We have the spannish version also, and the german one is being worked on by some people :-)


Jason Robinson Sun 21 Dec 2014 7:58PM

Awesome work everybody involved! Will push out from official channels. Share share share everyone, even if you don't own a FB or other Thunderclap-compat account!


Jason Robinson Sun 21 Dec 2014 8:01PM

Oh there is a typo:

You probably have some other creative ideas. Share them on diaspra* using the hashtag #thunderclap2015!

"diaspra*" --> "diaspora*"


Jason Robinson Sun 21 Dec 2014 8:03PM


What can YOU do to make this campaign a major succes?

"succes" --> "success"


sumimasen Sun 21 Dec 2014 8:12PM

Thanx Jason, will fix the typo's as soon as i get to a computer tonight. Will post kick off announcement on D* tonight too!
Still working on the translations , but that should be ready tomorrow aswell.


[deactivated account] Mon 22 Dec 2014 7:04AM

94/100 supporters!! SInce @jasonrobinson posts! Thank you! I think we can change to 250 supporters @sumimasen


[deactivated account] Mon 22 Dec 2014 7:32AM

It's a shame, I have problems loading diaspora* since yesterday , I coulnd't post the campaign on it


Jason Robinson Mon 22 Dec 2014 7:46AM

Bummer, hope it's only temporary issues for free-beer.ch :P

250 sounds challenging, maybe 200? Thunderclap will not post it out if we don't reach?


sumimasen Mon 22 Dec 2014 10:26AM

It's either 100, 250 or 500. I'll wait for a bit and raise the bar if we get a bit closer to 250 ;-).


[deactivated account] Tue 23 Dec 2014 9:26AM

I saw this today >http://www.simplyzesty.com/Blog/Article/December-2012/If-Facebook-Co-Made-Everyone-Honest-Christmas-Cards

Maybe we can also do our Honest christmas card? We can find something ironic... "


sumimasen Tue 23 Dec 2014 9:52AM

Yeah.... Why not? I'm working the next few days, I have no time to contribute much... Do you have an idea?


Camil Tue 23 Dec 2014 11:13AM

Maybe a Cerberus Santa Clause (ok, not scarry though), with three heads, bearing "privacy", "open source", "decentralization". Shocking and funny ;)


[deactivated account] Sat 27 Dec 2014 11:46PM

Well I posted this last night. I didn't know about the thunderclap campaign until just now. I added a link to it in the main body, however.