Sun 28 Apr 2013 2:22AM

MPAA: The new secret police

GJ GI Jack Public Seen by 11


apparently, among other things, the MPAA, has its own network of spies, they can keep from courts by fudging documents, they also conduct raids, and act as law enforcement.

If any of this did, this, we'd be wisked away to jail for being in some sort of anti-government militia.

Apparently, when your chairmen is an illustrious ex-Senator who made a career pretending to defend ordinary Americans from corporate interests(playing good cop), you can do whatever you fucking want.


Amanda Johnson Sun 28 Apr 2013 1:32PM

Don't forget how they control culture through the use of their movie rating system. How they rate it causes people to change what is in their movie. For example in 'boys don't cry' the MPAA made the director shorten the time the girl orgasamed.