Wed 21 Aug 2013 12:50AM

Instead of making long term goals, why not make smaller short term goals?

BS Blaine Smith Public Seen by 17

Short term goals will keep people motivated and active, so people can see us working though the tasks and seeing that we are making progress. Instead of seeing no progress even if there is some, and then they get bored and leave. So what do you think?


Jammie Gregory Wed 21 Aug 2013 4:21PM

What do you have in mind? I don't know, I see just the process of discussing and voting up proposals to some agreement as short term goals in themselves, but maybe we need to make some proposals on those topics like the rural versus land topic needs the most majority decision we can make within 1 months, or the state to build it in needs a decision within 3 months.


Blaine Smith Thu 22 Aug 2013 12:08AM

well first we need to decide those things you mentioned, but once that's done we good post jobs that need doing and people could volunteer to do it or help each other. Once we know all the info it will make it easier to get things organized, and then we can move out sooner. Cause I don't know about you but I'm get impatient to start, I'm very bored of what I'm doing now, so I would like to get do this thing. It would be nice if we got some more input from people, even in just the decision make would be nice.


Jammie Gregory Thu 22 Aug 2013 1:48AM

Worst case scenario I'll move to Colorado and by the land myself and invite you...what I mean about voting for a vote deadline on topics is we can make more than one proposal on a topic, one for a deadline to a decision, another for the actual decision.


Xich Quy Sat 7 Sep 2013 4:52PM

I think we need a better platform for writing proposals, eg http://titanpad.com/ or other pads

We don't have to have a perfect plan, just something good enough to get us off our feet.

Colorado sounds great to me. We need land that we can grow and build on. And not have to worry about building code and whatnot. Let's settle on that task for now and look for land and funds.

Once we get the land, I hope to rent a truck and drive there with all the tools I have (drills, saws, etc.).


Blaine Smith Sat 7 Sep 2013 5:11PM

I like that, I think that we could probably buy a piece of land quite cheap, so that funding wouldn't take so long. We could probably buy it out right on or own. I know Jammie said he would just buy it himself and invite people to it. But I am far to impatient to wait, and I don't like the idea of leaving the hard part to someone else. If that's what it comes to then so be it, but I would like to try it together first. I don't have any stuff to bring with as i'm still relatively young and never caught on to the whole buying shit, so what I plan on doing is buying a truck or something, driving down and then everyone can use it. But back on topic, I do think finding land is the priority.


Xich Quy Sat 7 Sep 2013 5:27PM

Same here. I want to do this now!


Blaine Smith Sat 7 Sep 2013 6:49PM

The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned, I started a discussion yesterday about land, do you have anything you would like to input?