Sat 14 Aug 2021 10:41PM

e-NABLE Device Catalog Re-organization and Re-design

AE Alexander (Maverick - EU-RO) Public Seen by 115

Engineers and makers of the community would benefit from a more visual means of exploring the devices, and more details relevant to structure and mechanisms of the unique devices available. I propose a funding opportunity to update the Device Catalog.

Here is my bareboned proposal, all ideas and suggestions are welcome! My aim is to try to improve the experience of future engineers that join the community, and make better use of their time.



Jeremy Simon Sat 14 Aug 2021 10:49PM

This looks great, Alexander! I think there would be a lot of value in this. So it looks like the main challenge in this discussion period is to determine how to quantify the funding being requested. Based on the planned work efforts, do you have some estimate of how much time (i.e. number of hours) you expect to put into this project?


Alexander (Maverick - EU-RO) Sun 15 Aug 2021 8:13AM

Each deliverable shouldn't take more than 2-3 days at most, even when waiting for other people to check their input. However the issue is with Deliverable E). as I have no idea how many simulations are needed and how hard it will be to make them. The one I've attached took me 2 entire days, and that's while having the physical model in front of me (one to figure out mechanics and assembly, with plenty of pictures, the second to make a digital copy using stl files in Fusion for reference). I also have no idea how many devices are considered as "MAIN".


Alexander (Maverick - EU-RO) Sun 15 Aug 2021 8:21AM

I'd say a month. Deliverables A-D and F-H are 1 week each, and Deliverable E would fit in 2 weeks, hopefully. To not waste the community's time and money, I think pay-per-deliverable is best, as they build on each other and even on their own are valuable.


Sandra Dermisek Sun 15 Aug 2021 6:54AM

I think this would be great!

Also adding modifications would be very useful. For example the Phoenix has several modifications; extended, thumbless, no pink, etc.


Alexander (Maverick - EU-RO) Sun 15 Aug 2021 8:18AM

if you are talking about the "Future possibilities" section, that is not yet part of the project, unless this thread decides so. Yes, it is technically the same work twice, because having the data and making the data presentable are 2 different things. HOWEVER, every now and again we get questions on the Hub of "why isn't this <link> here?? is there an issue with it?" .

The purpose of the device list is a centralization of device models, and finding a way to integrate the other groups work is part of what I think is needed. Some groups provide descriptions and mechanical characterization, some provide merely stl files. Using the template for creation of device pages should keep the time fairly small. Again, this is part of Future possibilities, so if you think this should be part of the project, I'd love to add it officially :)


Alexander (Maverick - EU-RO) Sun 15 Aug 2021 7:09PM

Then could you please rephrase it? I don't understand what link you're talking about.


Alexander (Maverick - EU-RO) Sun 15 Aug 2021 7:29PM

Umm, Patrick, that's what that link is. A draft proposal. It's in the title of the document. Here is the link again: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q7Q6e-UzOe1Lz3SLUmX_nraniR-izTyHib0mjEG6yR8/edit?usp=sharing


Bob Rieger Mon 16 Aug 2021 11:16AM

Alexander, your proposal is good, and worthy. And it is useful you have calculated a time commitment on your part. Now the hard part…since you will need volunteers to vote on your proposal, please monetize your time and calculate a range of how much financial support you are requesting.


Alexander (Maverick - EU-RO) Mon 16 Aug 2021 11:55AM

1500 - 2700+ dollars per month. Full time I would normally be requesting 2700 dollars, and it's the price I've also talked with Jon on whether it is appropriate or not. I have copied my CV (which was done for a software professor position) in here as well. Considering however that I am not a prosthetist, nor do I have a lot of history with e-nable (only 8ish months), I can go as low as 1500. The full time pay would allow me to speed up the process, as I wouldn't have to look for any side income. Again, for the sake of both the community and myself, I think pay-per-deliverable would be best, assuming someone like @Jon Schull or @Jeremy Simon can take the time to asses the deliverables as finished. I hope you find it reasonable :)


Alexander (Maverick - EU-RO) Mon 16 Aug 2021 11:45AM

Added deliverable I) Create and figure out a designated space for devices that are built using paid software, such as the case here: (11) e-NABLE Forum - e-NABLE.

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