Thu 28 Jun 2018 7:52AM

Contributor registration is open

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For discussion of Contributor registration and related topics.


Bob W Thu 28 Jun 2018 8:01AM

It's now possible to register as a Contributor. (Contributors are Community Members who help implement and operate NVC-O. This can also be a stepping stone along the way to becoming a Transitional Partner.) If you're interested in registering as a Contributor, you might want to do so, to help us test out the system.


Dieudonné Fri 29 Jun 2018 2:51PM

Great ! Thank you : )

I started reading it and when arriving on long parts like the Weave Types google doc, my first reflex is to check if the document hasn't already been translated on the dedicated wiki. And if not, my second move would be to initiate it. But I wonder if it's a good idea, since maybe changes could be done on the original document, without notice. So the translation would become obsolete or worse, wrong.

Request : how about moving the mentioned google docs to nvc.miraheze.org to help improve access in other languages ?

And if not, do you see any other problem if I initiate theses translations beyond the mentioned update concern ?


Julie Sun 1 Jul 2018 3:56AM

Sounds fine by me, DD, but I've leave it to Bob to answer, since he's set it up.

Bob, the Contributors Feedback System page ( https://nvc-global.net/contributor-feedback-system/ ) has a narrow iframe set to 600px which didn't look good in Chrome, and makes it harder to read. I've changed it to 100%, is that OK? It means it loses the extra scroll bar (which didn't look good, but maybe was there for a reason??) Feel free to change it back ( https://nvc-global.net/wp-admin/post.php?post=753&action=edit ) if not - thanks :)



Bob W Sun 1 Jul 2018 5:49AM

The narrow window was meant to enable reading on cell phones. But, I didn't test. If the way you've set it up works on cell phones too, that would be great. I had intended to NOT have there be an extra scroll bar, and there wasn't, on the browsers that I tested on. But, it hasn't been anything like a comprehensive testing process.


Bob W Sun 1 Jul 2018 5:51AM

@dieudonne Some Google docs are more stable than others. I wouldn't bother translating the Feedback or Conflict docs yet. Some others would likely be ok.


Julie Sun 1 Jul 2018 10:01AM

The theme we're using is responsive, which means it mostly takes care of all that. However, I've just checked on my phone, and it's not working all that well - there's a large amount of space on the left, leaving not much room. And the documents have lots of indenting, which doesn't display well on a narrow screen. We could lay them out better if we displayed them directly ... I'm guessing we've chosen to link to the google docs, rather than copying them over, in case they change?

I've just checked what's causing the large margins, and it's actually css embedded in the google doc itself, which (I think) means we can't over-ride it ... which reinforces the idea that we might need to copy and paste the documents in rather than embedding .... thoughts?


Dieudonné Sun 1 Jul 2018 4:52PM

@bobw Actually when starting to sign up, I like to translate the corresponding text :
1. first for myself : to check I fully understand it
2. also to have the benefit of other translators give feedback about this translation : I might have misunderstood some parts of it

So it's not a question of "bother translating" : it's useful right now !


Bob W Sun 1 Jul 2018 5:53AM

So far, Elkie and me are the only ones signed up as Contributors. Anyone else want to join the fun?


Julie Sun 1 Jul 2018 10:02AM

Sorry for the delay, I've just gone and signed up too, everything i looked at was working fine - congrats on getting it up and running!

Talk tomorrow :)


Dieudonné Mon 2 Jul 2018 5:19AM


Dieudonné Mon 2 Jul 2018 8:44AM

A first translation in French is done. I submit it to the corresponding Loomio group.


Dieudonné Mon 2 Jul 2018 11:12AM

In the same spirit, creation and translation of this page :
* NVC-O People Directory


Dieudonné Mon 2 Jul 2018 11:16AM

To gather all alike pages, created this Category :
* Category:About Contributors
Extract :

Pages used by the page https://nvc-global.net/about-contributors/


Dieudonné Mon 2 Jul 2018 4:30PM

Is it intentional that on this page :
* https://nvc-global.net/contributor-conflict-system/
Extract :

NVC-O Contributors Conflict Transformation System. Inspired by a weave agreement of the Implementation Council that added specifics to the General Conflict Transformation System.

the access to the "weave agreement of the Implementation Council" is restricted?


Uma Sun 8 Jul 2018 9:57PM

hmm. there was no intention to restrict this doc, that i know of. i checked the settings now and a View link is available: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sGSM-XHWvW4vmi7w-KZfRTLWmCiS5mrnlZ_RneRqd4Q/edit?usp=sharing -- @bobw or @julielawrence would you be able to check and update the link on that page?


Julie Mon 9 Jul 2018 9:36AM

https://nvc-global.net/contributor-conflict-system/ contains an embedded google doc, docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSCZ6b6sUqQlfh9c0_JLVasG2U24jBoKeFNtPiq1no_a13rg-9wsVzUV4YJDQW_wxNSDEgxfwQ-BkYw/pub, so we'd need to edit that google doc. I don't have editing rights for it ... do you, @bobw ?