Fri 10 Feb 2017 10:56AM

Air Quality Action Plan meeting

GG Gina Grainger-Windridge Public Seen by 460

Attached are my scans from the Air Quality Action Plan meeting 09/02/17


Gina Grainger-Windridge Fri 10 Feb 2017 10:58AM

It's worth us putting together a document with our suggestions for things the council can do to improve air quality in Bath and send it from B&NES Green Party. We can then shout about that.

The date to get this in is the 24th Feb - email: environmental_monitoring@bathnes.gov.uk


Louis Williams Fri 10 Feb 2017 11:01AM

Seems they are open to ideas, and keen to get something out there. Also there is a great push from the Council Officers for it to be more 'carrot' than 'stick' which people were quick to propose at the meeting.

Free carrots are, probably, the most likely they'll propose.


Gina Grainger-Windridge Wed 22 Feb 2017 2:35PM

Hi everyone, we only have a few days to get in our feedback for this Air Quality Action Plan. I don't have the time to do all the work in putting together a document and honestly I'm not sure where to start.

If nobody has any feedback to give then I wont send anything through to the council. If you do however have anything to say, please get it to me today or tomorrow before lunch time and I will put a document together.

Please also tell anybody you think might have anything to add. This will come from B&NES Green Party so would be good for us.


Gina Grainger-Windridge Fri 24 Feb 2017 7:20AM

Just to update on this, I have had feedback from various members of the Transport Policy Group and have now sent this to the council officers. Thank you for your feedback.


Lin Patterson Fri 24 Feb 2017 6:10PM

Hi Gina,
Didn't you get the response I sent late last night?

Best wishes,

Cllr Lin Patterson


Lin Patterson Fri 24 Feb 2017 6:44PM

Thanks, Gina.

Best wishes,
Cllr Lin Patterson


Gina Grainger-Windridge Mon 27 Feb 2017 9:53AM

Another update on this, I have had an email from the council officers and they said they will take a look when they get to putting together the public consultation documents.

I plan on making our feedback doc into a pretty PDF and sticking it on our website today, so that we can share it a little more.


David Hadley Tue 7 Mar 2017 3:40PM

I wrote to the B&NES Director of Public Health on Sunday about air quality and he replied the next day. The letter and his response are attached below.
The award referred to is http://www.directorofpublichealthaward.org.uk

I'm thinking about a response to this.
Any suggestions welcomed.