Update on Pacific NW/I-5 Caravan! 5/28/2014

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Update on Pacific NW/I-5 Caravan on Wed., May 28th:

1) We're back to Square One: Tyler from Lewiston, ID ended up refusing his vehicle to us. Very sad... :(

2) As June approaches, I'm sharpening my promotional tools: I'm going to create press releases to share to my media online that incorporates the latest logistics: location, times, events, and FAQs.

3) With this, I've been thinking about creating a separate, autonomous online form (via Wufoo) for potential drivers/vehicle owners to fill out if they're interested in sharing their vehicle. I would collect all of the responses and update to the Organizing Group. Thoughts?

4) I'm making a Facebook page of the Pacific NW/I-5 Caravan this week!! (probably to coincide other announcements)

5) Still no activity on Craigslist. Have not reached out to Deidre this week.


Tricia Wed 28 May 2014 6:23PM

I think a 2 minute video would help a lot. It could be as easy as pictures of the route and with your voice over.

Those short videos are a lot easier to make nowadays with iMovie. Start collecting images and what you want to say. We can put it up on Youtube channel and put all the links in the "description"


Toad Ficca Thu 29 May 2014 12:46AM

I will try Seattle Craigslist as soon as this one is up...in Lewiston and Spokane...they won't let me post too many places...darnit! I will check Ridejoy as well. Thanks, Toad.


Daniel Hong Thu 29 May 2014 3:18AM

@triciafromphilly That would be a good idea... if I had a good voice. :P But really, video-making is not my forte. Website pages, presentations: that is more my style, personally.


Sally G Thu 29 May 2014 12:48PM

@danielhong Not to volunteer someone else, but maybe @triciafromphilly would put things together if you have photos? Give her a list of stops?


Toad Ficca Fri 30 May 2014 3:11AM

All right, I have to cave in, there is no response in the NW (as usual, I was the only one to represent in Philly, and they stuck me in the California group when we were making decisions and a demand list) Anyway, I have a friend who is going to help me with gas...we are going for sure! Guys I have a thesis to write! As well as I really want to participate...so I am going to have to withdraw my help on the caravan...no response...no go...I think we are renting a vehicle and making the whole thing a little less stressful. Don't worry, it will be a car that is "thrifty" on gas, and if someone needs a ride at the last minute, I will totally pick them up!