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How do we get more drivers for the caravan? If we have thirty people in total (which is probably a high estimate) we'll need around a dozen people to take turns driving. We'll also need people who have vehicles without a lot of mileage.


Tricia Fri 16 May 2014 7:24PM

How about going old school and put up a "help wanted" on east coast Craigslists? I wonder if that would work.


Jackie Fri 16 May 2014 7:59PM

Welcome, Miles!

Can we focus these caravans discussions in the Caravans and Rideshares subgroup? I don't mean get rid of current 2, just going forward.

I'd say outreach outreach outreach, every way you know. There's info links for posting in the subgroup and the titan pad. I think Sally's starting a spreadsheet - or one of us will soon.

Caravan & Rideshares Subgroup

NatGat3 Caravans Main Pad


Jackie Fri 16 May 2014 8:07PM

Never mind Caravans and Rideshares subgroup - I see you got another subgroup going for I-80.

there's an empty pad ready for that route if needed.
I-80 NE-BOS-NYC-Grove City, PA-Iowa City-Des Moines-Laramie, WY-Reno, NV-Sacramento


Sally G Sat 17 May 2014 2:46PM

Sharetribe request. I just invited Alexandra to this subgroup; she is interested in being part of the caravan and willing to share expenses.


Ali Lavalle Sat 17 May 2014 4:19PM

Heyo! I am willing to share expenses and also drive!


Sally G Sun 18 May 2014 2:07PM

Hi, Ali, cool! Glad you are here. Are you meaning to drive in your own vehicle, or sharing driving in someone else’s? What are your planned days for leaving/arrival? If your vehicle, how many passengers?


Julia Clark Sun 18 May 2014 3:40PM

This is probably the wrong thread, I'll say it here and another place if I find one.
I looked as some map, I do not recall where, that showed the caravan routes. My region is soooo bare. I had been saying to people "the southeast, excluding Florida, " because I expected Florida to have it going on and that Florida is not really part of the Southeast, it is its own area.
I am concerned. There is interest but it feels like I am the lone rock being thrown to try and hit a bell.
I am being set up with a fairly decent camper ( depending on your standards) and my cruiser is being outfitted to create independent power. I am test camping as we speak. It will take more than a day to get cross country.
I am beginning to think maybe a tour of the back country, something I would be very suitable for , to get a temp check, might be a god idea.


Jackie Sun 18 May 2014 3:50PM

@juliaclark, the caravans are self-organizing units.
I suggest setting up a facebook event for a SE caravan with proposed dates based on your own schedule and then see if folks join in.

There was early mention of a Florida one or SE & FL - there was a facebook event page, but it disappeared.

For Sally's map, she's adding whatever comes across on these pages, fb, emails. I'm sure she'll add where you are starting from - send info.

Also you could put up a request on Sharetribe - or offer for riders, if you'll have room for any.


Julia Clark Sun 18 May 2014 4:09PM

I am not sure what to write, but I'll write something.


Julia Clark Sun 18 May 2014 5:04PM

I just looked at the offerings, there are two rideshares going to the wrong place (Kalamazoo) are they old or something else?

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