July Guild Wide Meeting Notes

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Hi Guild Mates, this is a recap from yesterday's monthly meeting.

Agenda Doc

High level summary

  • New Membership structure starts on August 1st FOR EVERYONE.

  • Human Care for everyone - if you are feeling sick, or not 100%, please reach out to us via call/slack/email. We are here for each other. :)

  • Guild Cleanliness is EVERYONE's responsibility.

- New signages coming soon for Kitchen (No food scraps/dirty dishes in the sink, clear trash/recycling bins... etc)

- Let's keep it up to health code so that we can help out Cafe's cleanliness.

  • Financial Check in. We need at least 10K/month (60K every 6 month). Join Piggybank and/or Event team to support the guild finances and Event hosting.

  • 3rd Floor Recording studio Set up convo has been reactivated. Thanks @michaelpaone for being a quarterback on this.

  • We had a great discussion about Accountability/Integrity. See agenda doc for resources.

  • Lots of Events coming up this week and next week. Hosts, please make sure to contact and help out each other. p.s. If anyone can help out @Dave (Surfer) this weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) for possibly hosting or co-hosting, please reach out to Dave.)

Thanks everyone and if you have any questions, comments, ​please let us know.

love and light