[change] "Basic Text" Page

RVE Renaud Van Eeckhout Public Seen by 13

After revamping the "Get involved" page, I thought it would be also a good idea to revamp the "Basic Text" page.

Currently, it's like that :
* About this text (short text about the writing of this text)
* Introduction (a short text explaining who the Pirates are, why we exist)
* Pirate Codex (values pursued by the Pirates)
* Values (uh, values again?)

This results in a long, long, long page. Also, the "about this text" is put in front, and it is therefore mandatory to read it. I think it's an interesting paragraph, but maybe not for ALL the readers.

So I propose to divide that page in various pages. Have one link above in the menus, maybe something like "About us". And different sub-pages :
* Who we are
* Codex
* _Values _

The "About this text" could be inserted at the end of the 2 last sub-pages. And there could also be an invitation at the end of the "Who we are" to read the values.

On a sidenote : I believe that to have our own Pirate Codex (which is different from the international Codex + about 50 other values in another document, while we already had a set of values in our Statutes is very confusing and doesn't help to spread the message. The crew that pushed hard for that isn't even active anymore... If people want to work on this issue, please contact me? :D But that's not the topic of this thread.


Valerie D. Mon 7 Aug 2017 8:21AM

I agree it should be revamped and that "about this text" should not be there. But I am not convinced about splitting into more pages: with one page it's quick to navigate and directly see which parts you want to actually read.

Revamping to me would rather go for more graphical contents, to make the text more dynamic and help see the structure. Big task...


Josse Mon 7 Aug 2017 8:27AM

I think the values should be first and then the codex, where you don't see immediately how it makes us different.