Fri 3 Nov 2017 8:34AM

Roadmap for our action

RD Rosen Dimov Public Seen by 352

Hi, everyone. :wave: Sorry that due to some technical issues I was not able to participate until the end of the last teleconference. Did you decide on a roadmap during the call? What are the next steps? Thank you.


Mona Sun 5 Nov 2017 1:35PM

Hi Rosen! Pleasure to emeet _! I made some notes & send them to everyone via mail. Happy to forward them to you, if you'd provide your mail-ad?


Rosen Dimov Sun 5 Nov 2017 2:40PM

Hi Mona, that would be so nice of you. Here is my email: [email protected]. Thank you!


Eugenia Siapera Mon 6 Nov 2017 7:04AM

Hi Mona, I also missed the teleconference, is it possible to share your notes? [email protected] - many thanks!


Mona Mon 6 Nov 2017 7:35AM

Sure <3! You should have it in your inbox \o/


Eugenia Siapera Mon 6 Nov 2017 7:49AM

Thanks so much Mona! Just got your mail!