Mon 11 Mar 2013 4:39PM

TOU For Pictures

AV Agustina Vidal Public Seen by 13

Do not modify the Terms Of Use for pictures to add compliance for WHO Code.

Last year we discussed modifying the TOU for pictures to add a condition for who compliance (no logo, no bottlefeeding). We discussed that it didn't feel right to exclude bottlefeeding mothers because a lot of babies that receive donated milk cannot breastfeed, and if we do not allow non compliant companies we have to edit the stash pics significantly, and don't showcase pictures with sns. So the proposal is to not add a condition for who compliance.


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Do not modify the TOU for pictures to add compliance for WHO Code.


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Emily Danielson Reyes
Tue 12 Mar 2013 3:57PM


Victoria Gensheimer
Wed 13 Mar 2013 7:22AM


Stephanie Benelli
Wed 13 Mar 2013 4:56PM

I whole-heartedly agree. Censoring milksharing families is not in the best interest of WMW. I do think we can raise awareness of WHO code without modifying the TOU (maybe one of our theme days?).


Dinnae Galloway
Thu 14 Mar 2013 11:55PM

i personally feel that we should leave it as is, but ensure that in MULTIPLE SPOTS in our literature, website, social media, that it says that we do NOT endorse the companies in the pictures, and give a link to a page w/ WHO code compliant companies.


Bethany Hoeflich
Fri 15 Mar 2013 11:29PM

I agree. We aren't marketing anything and so we aren't bound by the WHO code. Censoring pictures is absolutely not okay with me, as it will only further alienate families that bottlefeed donor milk.


Leah Callahan
Sat 16 Mar 2013 5:11PM

Based on how Loomio is describing agree/abstain/disagree, I'm in the "disagree" camp. I think we can do better but I don't have an alternative proposal at this time. I will keep thinking about this and may introduce a new proposal in the future.


henny zainal Mon 11 Mar 2013 5:45PM



Agustina Vidal Mon 11 Mar 2013 8:06PM

Terms of use


Dinnae Galloway Tue 12 Mar 2013 6:29AM

so this proposal is that we LEAVE the TOU as is - so no who compliance addition? (i thought we HAD added it in last year, but i guess not, eh? ;P )


Agustina Vidal Tue 12 Mar 2013 2:00PM

yes, it is to leave the TOU as it is, I will add it to the proposal


Leah Callahan Thu 14 Mar 2013 6:17AM

I am still undecided. I need to revisit the discussion, because I remember changing my mind or at least being swayed by some compelling discussion at the time. I do agree very very much that WMW needs to take it's rightful place as a trailblazer on this topic and be conscious/aware of the ramifications of any decision.


Leah Callahan Sat 16 Mar 2013 4:58PM

I'm going to agree with the proposal, and reinforce what Dinnae suggested.

This is an area that is vastly misunderstood and people are very ignorant (not in a pejorative sense), and WMW has the opportunity to educate and spread the knowledge both that the WHO code exists, and why. And perhaps that is a potential theme for another conversation. I think this event has the potential to help people approach marketing of breastmilk substitutes, and even donor milk, with critical thinking about how these substitutes impact them, directly and indirectly.