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Loomio Advice Process

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Please share your input and thoughts on Loomio and it's usefulness, potential benefits or challenges as a decision making software for our team.

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I would like to propose that we introduce Loomio as a tool to be used by all team members for decision making.

As part of our teal self-organization goals, I suggest that we try out this software that will help us manage the advice and consent processes around making decisions.


The goal of introducing a software solution is to help us:

  • reduce the stress of coordinating schedules for meetings

  • reduce the number of meetings needed to make a decision

  • allow for faster decision making

  • allow more people to participate in the decision making process

  • ensure all voices can be heard

  • provide more transparency regarding decisions being made

  • challenge us to think through our proposals/ideas and seek feedback to make them even better

  • maintain a historical record of decisions and everyone's input

  • and more...

I believe there are numerous ways this software can help us make all types of decisions as well as streamline our annual performance feedback process, the role advice process, hiring process, etc.


There is a cost associated with it, but I believe the cost far outweighs it's benefits.

It is $30/month for 10 users and and additional $3/per additional user.

Based on our current team of about 21 people, the cost annually should be $756, with the potential for a discount based on a referral from Luz at Ian Martin Group.


Like with any new software, we need to play with it a bit and determine how best to set it up.

As you use Loomio and explore it, please use this thread to:

  • share positive and negative feedback

  • ask questions about it

  • make suggestions about how it can be used

As we test this software I will update this proposal with specific questions and ask for your input as we decide to invest in this or not.


Take a little time to check out how it all works here:


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Here is some information about how Loomio works



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It can be integrated with Sharepoint through Microsoft Teams