Sun 2 Aug 2020 12:56PM

Running Open Space Technology in the open (park) or online

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I ran a people's assembly for my neighbourhood (Beyond covid19) a few weeks ago, reflecting on what we valued and want to keep from lockdown.
I want to build on that momentum and think Open Space Technology which might be online and/or in a park (we ran our initial event in the local park)


Deleted account Sun 2 Aug 2020 12:57PM

The request is for advice/experience on using this facilitation approach online or in an open space. I would have to cover documenting outputs and also structuring a space (amongst other things)


Nick Turner Mon 3 Aug 2020 7:43AM

Hi alex, this is worthwhile looking at, it's a framework for framing the questions looking at what to keep, continue, give up or start. https://www.thersa.org/bridges-future/change-framework


Deleted account Mon 3 Aug 2020 10:03AM

Thanks Nick. This is really helpful


Perry Walker Mon 3 Aug 2020 8:40AM

Hi Alex, I'm part of a coop of facilitators called Rhizome. We've taken out a licence for something called Videofacilitator. Unlike Zoom, people can wander in and out of breakout rooms. That makes it much more suitable for Open Space. You could combine it with something like Miro for documenting the sessionss. We're looking for opportunities to try VF out. Let me know if that is worth a chat.


Deleted account Mon 3 Aug 2020 10:03AM

Thanks Penny. I had heard of this but also heard that it works best on Chrome. Sounds like you would be in a position to clarify this. I believe we will need to use a platform that allows this so I would appreciate your support. Inclusivity is important and is tricky in these times :-)
I am waiting to find out whether those who attended our initial session would prefer online or face to face. It would be good to talk further when I'm back from holiday (from 19th)


Perry Walker Mon 3 Aug 2020 10:10AM

Hi Alex,

There is indeed a Penny Walker in this field, but I'm her almost namesake, Perry. Not that it matters very much.

VF does work best on Chrome, but they are working on other browsers. The bloke who runs it is approachable, so ask him nearer the time how far they've got.

Yes, do make contact again when you are back from holiday.

all my best



Deleted account Mon 3 Aug 2020 10:15AM

Apologies Penny. I really do need to wear those reading glasses!


lizbarry Mon 3 Aug 2020 2:34PM


Peter Anderson Mon 3 Aug 2020 5:20PM

@Alex Papworth VocalEyes contains an extensive toolkit for community organising that includes:

  • Local democracy: Generation, prioritisation and debating of ideas.

  • High impact solutions repository (DNA): Enabling stakeholders within communities of similar types (i.e. pupils in schools, staff in local authorities, residents in geographic communities), to discover, adapt and replicate the best solutions and case studies implemented by similar communities around the world.

  • Participatory budgeting: Open and transparent budgets with income & expenditure transactions and evidence of need from the community.

  • Motion voting: Time limited voting on policies and procedures.

  • Crowdsourcing: Pledging time and resources into teams and projects.

  • Action planning: Creating tasks, due dates and assigning to members.

  • Events: Setting up events, managing attendees and logging meeting notes.

  • News: Generating blog posts to promote news stories and case studies of ideas into action.

  • Custom automated reports: Enabling reports with member priorities, pledges and other activity to be sent to specific people in specific departments and locations to help close the feedback loop.

More info here https://about.vocaleyes.org

Might be useful to you.