Mon 12 Aug 2013 6:16AM

What state should we make this in? Assuming in the US

JG Jammie Gregory Public Seen by 19

What would be the ideal state in the US to start this in, we want to agree on one that offers the best chances of success for our group. How is the economy in that state? Are the people very accepting of new ideas and change, or are they conservative or intolerant of differences? How hospitable is the state, does it have lots of ticks, poison snakes spiders, poison ivy, lots of allergens, flood risks, hurricanes, earthquakes, drought, overpopulation?


Jammie Gregory Mon 19 Aug 2013 4:39AM

Mineral rights and mining paperwork is a complicated field to get into and make a profit, I've read that they don't allow any building on sites. We probably shouldn't even worry about it at this point.


cathy brian Mon 19 Aug 2013 1:16PM

NM has temperate climate... silvercity?


Jammie Gregory Mon 19 Aug 2013 3:41PM

What can you tell us about NM and silvercity? I've only driven through NM. Do you live nearby that area Cathy?


Blaine Smith Sun 27 Oct 2013 10:44PM

This thing doesn't seem to be going to fast. So I just wanted to say that if you guys don't mind moving to Canada there is a branch of the venus project planning on starting a city in BC (British Columbia). I talked to the guy running it, he is confident that they can make a few million to go towards it through a charity thing as he as done some successful ones in the past. He has an real estate agent that is looking for land, one of the places is a very nice 160 acres with a lake, it also has a earthship house on it. So he said once the land is purchased people can move their and start build the main dome or what ever they decide to build first. I know people here are kind of iffy with the venus project, but it seems that this branch might actually do something. So if this group is going anywhere with this as it seems not to be, I am considering doing that one, it's also more convenient for me since I already life in Canada, And am planning on living in BC eventually cause it's beautiful. So yeah, If anyone is curious just ask.