Mon 23 Nov 2020 6:14PM

UNicoins governance (project board, project team for example)

RB Ruth Blackshaw Public Seen by 6

Hi everyone,
I was also thinking it could be nice to use Loomio to take forward the discussion just now around how we could organise UNicoins team & collaborators. @Marc Liberati made the suggestion of project board who hold the space for the idea/original vision (this would be core team I assume @Marc Liberati?) and then project team (for example if we worked with UNVs with specific technical expertise).

We also discussed having a "list of interested people" which could become some kind of sounding board and/or allies group who we go to for advice, inputs, also rollout... 馃

As we are still in early stages of our project, it would be great to use this thread to get some ideas rolling on these topics, then perhaps we can solidify some proposals as we go (and also incorporate them in the white paper @Akash K P @Marc Liberati @Amelia Craig @Eleonora Gatti ?)

Looking forward to brainstorming & iterating 馃


Michaela Markova Tue 24 Nov 2020 7:00AM

Thanks Ruth, great idea! Just a thought on using Loomio for these types of questions - I do not see a huge difference from Slack in terms of functionalities. Otherwise, looking forward to some ideas to be written here as I wasn't at the meeting and I am not sure what exactly was discussed:)


Ruth Blackshaw Tue 24 Nov 2020 9:47AM

Agree @Michaela Markova there is not much difference to slack for the initial brainstorming/ideas development stage! The main difference I would see for a question such as this example would be that Loomio could be used when there is intent to reach a decision/ agree something among us and it would have the documentation of the whole process - in this case for example we could use this 'thread/comment' functionality to develop the idea and then could make a 'proposal' and/or 'poll' to adopt a decision 'e.g. we decide to have a project board meaning X Y Z whose functions are YYZ'. We could also split this so any discussion stays on slack and things only move to loomio when a decision is "ripe"/ we have clarity on what needs to be decided and we then adopt a proposal or vote in a poll. What do others think?

Maybe we can use this example to work through how it would be to do the whole process in loomio and see if that's useful/adds value or not? For example, we could aim to reach a decision on this governance question by before the end of the loomio trial (6 Dec), primarily using loomio? we could then review pros and cons, having used it for this purpose?


Marc Liberati Wed 25 Nov 2020 8:55AM

Yes, @Ruth the proposal was for a core team would be akin to a project board who maintain the integrity, vision, and provide strategic direction. The board members would also be active in the agile project implementation, though project team could be more expanded and include Online Volunteers. If we were to move forward with this model then would be helpful to have clear consensus protocol for project board decision-making.


Ruth Blackshaw Wed 25 Nov 2020 9:24AM

Thanks @Marc Liberati ! what do you have in mind for "consensus protocol" 馃馃榾 is that something that we could co-create and agree on here in Loomio? Can you share your ideas for what would be the next steps if yes?

Personally I think "board" sounds a bit formal, prefer "core team" and "extended project team" or something like that? I like this idea and think it could be really helpful, also for projects like conecta. We could even think it through in UNicoins - people in extended project team could be "hired" for only one task or a specific product/deliverable.