Local Assemblies?

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I recopy a proposal from 2 days ago... to elaborate here :

Dimitris: Would it make sense to anyone to try and organise local assemblies in order to inform people about the process and also discuss and gather demands, feedback, comments and anything else that they might want to be mentioned in the main event?
I am thinking of doing such a gathering here in Heraklion and I was wondering if others like the idea we could host several such events in the same time across EU cities. Could be 2 weeks before, 2nd of November. What do you think?
Comment by Maïa Dereva

Good idea @dimitriskoukou , I will propose a workshop about ECA at the next Commons Assembly in Lille (North of France) which takes place on the 28th of october.


Ruby van der Wekken Mon 10 Oct 2016 4:05PM

Hi, indeed good proposal! there where there is existing grounds to do so. We forinstance are not exactly there yet to have a Commons assembly. But ofcourse also cases like us could think of doing something in the run up! But so wonderful if there will be related assemblies/events in the run up! and indeed then in the process sessions in Brussles should start from the feedback from there (and villarceaux etc.)


Julien Lecaille Mon 31 Oct 2016 3:44PM


We had a brief exchange in the latest Commons Assembly in Lille.
We won't organize a special time in Lille for the ECA, we'll try to come in Bruxelles (it's really close for us).

We think that creating a local Commons Assembly takes time, lots of time. We're working on our Assembly since last October, and we're not quite ready to say we've founded something.

But it will be really interesting to examine the results of the ECA. It's a neat opportunity to gather in any city and discuss the process of the ECA, without having to create a local Commons Assembly.

But maybe the ECA could call to creation of Commons Assemblies and/org local Commons Networks