Mon 9 Dec 2019 5:09AM

Upcoming events in Jan-Feb 2020

SS Sid Sthalekar Public Seen by 56

I'm planning to be on the road again early next year. Have invitations to speak at a few forums in Jan-Feb 2020, so I might weave 3-4 events and do it in one trip.

One of them is a blockchain event at a national fin-tech festival, another with a couple hundred youth community leaders who want to design economies for their projects. The spectrum of audiences is quite wide, and they're open to us doing talks or design sessions/workshops.

VF/HRea/CommonsEngine/Investor Engine/Comakery: Would you like me to introduce you guys at these events? I started this thread so I can navigate the conversation with the organisers. They're open to looping in others via video.


Tom Mon 9 Dec 2019 9:59PM

I'm keen, but I think leading with Commons Engine or REA Accounting combined with VF is a better conversation... Investing comes later once they understand what they are investing in. in my opinion.


Lynn Foster Tue 10 Dec 2019 12:29AM

@Sid Sthalekar thanks much for starting this conversation. We'd like to contribute or participate. Don't know if video is the best, or if we should support you with some piece of presentation as needed? Can you let us know if you have any thoughts about what you would like to convey about VF or HoloREA, as it fits in with the main thrust of your talks or sessions? (Trying to get oriented.)


Sid Sthalekar Tue 10 Dec 2019 1:54PM

@Lynn Foster I'm just getting my thoughts together for this. I initiated this thread because of organisers reaching out, wanting to discuss an agenda. I'll share a few ideas on this thread in a couple days - my schedule as you know has been fluctuating due to personal reasons - still awaiting the big day :-p

@Tom Agree, but I think these groups may have entrepreneurs wanting to leverage crowdraising platforms. I'll share some more thoughts in a couple days.


Ferananda Ibarra Tue 10 Dec 2019 5:12PM

That is a lovely offering Siddarth, thank you

Commons Engine is going to continue the offerings on currency design workshops that might be interesting for this audience. Including the DIY currency design that we will offer as soon as we finish the packaging. We are committed to helping start-ups with economics, different paths to funding and also with the development of a conscious culture.

Lets speak early 2020 and please do let me know when the little one arrives!!!