Valuing Community led Social Enterprise

RW Richard Warner Public Seen by 181

Community led social enterprise has an important place in the SE ecosystem. It kick started the sector in QLD and can be an important development phase for many SE's as well as a long term option for some. It has successfully addressed complex social disadvantage where other models have failed. Enterprise size, diversity and dispersed geography however can render grassroots initiatives fragile. How do we support more community led enterprises to survive and thrive and continue to make a contribution within a growing ecosystem?


Mathew Townsend Mon 19 Aug 2019 8:38AM

Hi @richardwarner this is really good question, and hoping this become a reality. I am interested to see community driven social enterprises. Like Nature Freedom founded by a person with a disability creating opportunities for people with disabilities with same passions. This is very powerful outcome and approach in the ecosystem. Social enterprises values are very important.

So in question of grassroot fragility we need to challenge who is responsible running the SE, and who is part of it. We prefer based experiences rather than create experiences for non-purpose. This is something we need in education by understanding the purpose of SE, and how they contribute to the socioeconomics and society.