Thu 9 Nov 2017 7:37PM

Is Virtual Reality (VR) ruining our brains?

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Are you interested in this question/provocation? If so how & why
Please post updates below:
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From the wall at Chelsea MakerSpace 06-11-17


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Members can submit questions/provocations over the next few months as we prepare for Tate Exchange.

Tate Exchange provocations are agreed together at Tate development meetings by those who attend more than one meeting. Questions need to be as open and generic as possible and allow contributions which agree & disagree with the questions e.g do you want to accelerate ideas and solutions to problems and/or attempt to intervene in the deceleration of a problem?

Provocations should not be led by an existing project or individuals agenda, questions should be explored as a new collaborative project in itself.

The plan is to come up with the a number of big questions/provocations that we can collaborate on. The most active and collaborative questions questions being explored over the next few months will form the foundation for the Tate Exchange event.