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Hub Meetings and Committee

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General discussions and introduction of ideas for the Hub management.


Jessica Lo Bianco Tue 2 Jan 2024 10:42PM

A small Hub team has been formed (based on those who showed an interest when asked at an historic meeting) to enact various hub developments (as agreed by plot owners), and small practical matters such as covering the non-functioning fire alarms, cleaning, replacing broken tiles, stocking kitchen consumables, etc... If anybody wants to know more, please get in touch.


Gen Zendahl Tue 15 Aug 2023 7:10AM

Thanks, Tao, I think the best version of the transfer of ownership is the lease. We can't actually give the hub away without a 100% shareholder agreement, and that is unlikely to happen. The intent was that well-thought-out detail in the early stages protects all parties from subsequent stress and misunderstanding. We want to get those details right, however, and take all perspectives into account.

The reasoning for the lease wording went like this:

  1. local council accountability. H&S etc has always been there, just ignored. It does not need to be explicitly in the agreement, it is required by local legislation, and we thought it best to include it for clarity. Maybe it looks like officious control?

  2. we thought that clear boundaries for hub use would protect the charity trustees from coming under peer and social pressure esp with regard to late and loud parties. I was thinking of the stress Hester and Fae came under as Kit was trying to bully and micromanage, as well as the stress of arguments/counterarguments regarding Shaun's funeral. Clarity would have prevented that scenario.

  3. including the function of plot owner consent for out-of-hours events was to facilitate permissions that the trustees were not free to give.

  4. we imagined several plot owners would also sit on the hub committee as representatives of the community in their own right. There was no intention of TyG directors having any further involvement, apart from assisting with decisions regarding the fabric of the building and fulfilling landlord duties.

The idea of a non-ambiguous document was to avoid later disagreements and discussions and to actually give the trustees freedom to act.

We also thought about a two-tier membership but didn't want to unnecessarily control how the hub committee did things.

I'm concerned that it gave you the impression that the directors of TyG Ltd were retaining control, the opposite was our intention. In terms of getting engagement from the community perhaps a plain English version with the rationale should be written up?


Lambert Kleinjans Mon 14 Aug 2023 11:21AM

@Tao many thanks for your feedback.


Tao Sun 6 Aug 2023 10:24AM

Hey there. I'd like to offer a bit of feedback on the proposals for a legal framework.

I have reservations. I am concerned that this arrangement is overly encumbrant (because it forces detailed accountability to both local government bodies and TyG Ltd directors) - and that this will discourage people from becoming (or staying on as) trustees. I am concerned that this arrangement also has potential to cultivate division (when TyG Ltd directors disagree with the charity trustees for example), and I also think that because this arrangement provides passive control of the Hub for TyG residents (through TyG Ltd), it will remove incentive to positively engage with how the Hub is run.

I think it would be better to transfer ownership of the Hub, which would engender a much more empowered purpose to the charity, and by extension would be much more attractive to engage with. I think we could build a double membership arrangement into the legal framework, making provision so that any public social events would need the support of both TyG members and the wider membership: this would provide security for those TyG residents concerned about late night noise. There could also be an extra layer of security for TyG Ltd - by putting a series of 'reasonable and respectful use' covenants in place as part of the ownership transfer.

Having said all that I recognise that every legal framework has limitations, and I know from experience that the functionality of any arrangement is entirely dependent on compassion, goodwill and the ability to compromise. I can see a considerable amount of work has gone into this proposal and in the interests of supporting initiative, I am content to put my reservations aside and give this a chance - whether there is enough momentum for take-off will be an important indicator of reception.


Gen Zendahl Fri 28 Jul 2023 10:16AM

@Lambert Kleinjans @Katy Taggart could we put these draft documents in Google Docs, either as a Google Doc or PDF, with open link access, otherwise people have to download the .docx. ? It's not very user-friendly and probably impossible for those just on smartphones.


Gen Zendahl Fri 28 Jul 2023 10:00AM

@Matthew Stephens Hey Matt, sorry I moved your post in error, it's back here again.

In response to the query, it means that if an event requires a license by local licensing laws, ( alcohol sales, music and dancing events) renters are required to get the license. It's actually a little redundant, local laws require it and the standard lease terms that we have copied and pasted include that. It's really there for clarity as there has been ambiguity in the past.

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Matthew Stephens Thu 27 Jul 2023 6:01PM

Hello, Guessing this is the right place to respond to Lamberts Hub Lease Draft, Thank you by the way.

So under Additional Provisions section 54 you mention ' appropriate licence' could you explain what you mean by this ? Many thanks


Lambert Kleinjans Mon 24 Jul 2023 12:56PM

This is a copy of an email sent to TyG plot owners:

Hi All,

Following several meetings and discussions around next steps for the Lammas Ecovillage Hub please find enclosed the following documents for your review:

1. A note setting out the proposed structure for the hub

2. Proposed charity association document

3. Proposed lease from Tir-y-Gafel Ltd to the new association

The next steps are:

1. Feedback on the proposed documents via Loomio/email/meeting(s) - from Tir-y-Gafel plot owners initially and then wider community of interested parties.

2. Trustees to step forward & register the charity

3. The lease is signed

4. The improvements to the hub are completed (this can start sooner)

5. The hub opens for events

This email is being sent out to all Tir-y-Gafel plot owners in BCC. For discussion please go onto Loomio here: https://www.loomio.com/join/group/dsK7fSicGd4Y5635j36CqAyU/

If you do not use Loomio you can send comments directly to Gen and me and we will place this onto Loomio as well if you like.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


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