Mon 12 Aug 2013 9:40AM

Would it be better to buy rural land or land in the city?

JG Jammie Gregory Public Seen by 16

Which would you choose rural or urban and why? What are the pros and cons between them? Is this something that could be merely personal preference? Does the government have an advantage to people living in cities? Could this be something that one choice is better in the short term but the other better in the long term?


Gene Cox Wed 14 Aug 2013 3:21AM

It depends on what people prefer. There are pros and cons to both. Rural may be more feasible in an effort to "go under the radar", as more experimental buildings and systems can be built. Rural has a tendency to less strict on building codes, etc; but also may not get the attraction without heavy marketing. Cities pose the problem of regulatory agencies poking around, so marketing may draw negative attention, unless a business plan is proposed to a city council or chamber of commerce that can show the benefits of what we are doing, then that requires some law and political involvement.


Jammie Gregory Wed 14 Aug 2013 3:47AM

I lived in both, I have to say I hated the idea of living in the country when I was younger, but after watching my money vanish to rent I kinda hate living in the city now, it is like a rat race with many traps all designed to take your money, in the country it is just too easy, lived in a tree house for 1 year even had internet up there, we got more land than we know what to do with, the big issue is driving back and forth to work 60+ miles, but with car pooling that would be easy too. I think the main reason people don't like the "isolated" rural life is we are a social species, but if there are lots of people it wouldn't matter, basically we would make our own city unlike most others, a place where people cooperate instead might even feel like church without the religion.


Blaine Smith Fri 16 Aug 2013 9:21PM

Yeah I agree, rural would be the choice for me. More freedom to do as we want, less officials poking their nose where it's not wanted. Space to grow and expand, No/ less pollution (chemical, light and sound) and also it just closer to nature. And thing of all the stars you could see :)