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Ubuntu PPA

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Packaging for Ubuntu via a PPA.

Launchpad team: https://launchpad.net/~diaspora-ppa
Project: https://launchpad.net/diaspora-ppa

Target: have Diaspora* install and run on Ubuntu as easily as possible, user only needs to add PPA, install the Diaspora* package(s) and create development and production environments easily with a few commands.


Sean Tilley Sun 17 Feb 2013 8:46PM

@praveenarimbrathodiyil and some other Debian packagers did a lot of work to package up Diaspora for Debian, perhaps there can be some reconcilation of packages that can be put in the Ubuntu PPA, considering that Ubuntu is a spinoff of Debian?


Sean Tilley Wed 1 May 2013 5:29PM

Hey folks. I found that I've got some extra spare time coming up, and I'd be interested in trying to figure out how to get the ball rolling on Ubuntu packaging. We've had a lot of wonderful work done by the Debian packaging folks, and in my mind, we have two options to go with for the PPA:

  1. Port all the Debian Diaspora packages to the Ubuntu PPA.

  2. Set up the Ubuntu PPA package to instead use RVM for gems.

I think we should discuss this a little, come to a decision, and find a way to get this going. There are more than a few members of the Ubuntu community that I'm sure would be more than happy to promote the PPA and the effort, and in turn help bring more attention, devs, and potential packagers to D*.

What's everyone's thoughts?


Jonne Haß Wed 1 May 2013 9:03PM

Or 3. Use bundler for dependency management. See my Archlinux package for an example.


Flaburgan Thu 2 May 2013 8:36AM

By the way, we need more pods running the develop code and there are always users (like me :p) who want to have the most recent code possible, so I think having a package for running the develop branch but without installing the development stuff is a good idea, @jasonrobinson


Jason Robinson Thu 2 May 2013 10:18AM

Personally I would say RVM way - just to not have to care about Ruby dependencies or versions. But I would also be ready to take the Bundler way which Jonne likes.

What I would like would be two packages available;

1) diaspora-dev .. Meant for development, does not use packaged source but instead user uses own fork
2) diaspora - production package which pulls also a third package, diaspora-src which is debian packaged Diaspora* source following master branch.

Whether all this is done via bundler or RVM is really just picking details. But a big no from me for porting all gems to Ubuntu - it's too much work out of the scope of Diaspora*.


Jason Robinson Thu 2 May 2013 10:28AM

Basically, use cases;

Install diaspora-dev with;
sudo apt-get install diaspora-dev

Then user puts their Diaspora fork username in for example .diasporarc config file and the dev environment is set up - no need for any configuration. This has mostly been done already once in the PPA.

Production env;
User installs diaspora package;
sudo apt-get install diaspora

All necessary stuff is pulled in, including MySQL/Postresql, Apache / nginx and what is needed. Configuration is done via a helper tool for podmins - or directly to Diaspora config files. The important thing is user does not need to know how to set up a pod - he/she just needs to know what domain is used, what is his admin email, basic configuration stuff.

We just need the basic packages done properly and then we can evolve.


Flaburgan Thu 2 May 2013 12:02PM

@jasonrobinson what about a production pod but running the develop branch?


Jason Robinson Thu 2 May 2013 12:50PM

@flaburgan sure we should have that option too, but then it cannot use any source packaged in launchpad. It could install the diaspora-src package but maybe a configuration option or helper tool command could move the pod to develop branch using either the diaspora github repo OR persons own branch


Sean Tilley Thu 2 May 2013 4:30PM

Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a diaspora-dev package for Diaspora pulled from the latest develop branch, and a separate diaspora package for those wanting to run a production instance of the latest stable Diaspora release?


Jason Robinson Fri 3 May 2013 7:16AM

@seantilleycommunit I'm not sure there is a need to package Diaspora devel branch source code on Launchpad - it's way too fast moving to need packaging, why not just pull it from Github?

Master branch on the other hand is slower moving and packaging it would allow tying it to the Ubuntu Diaspora installer to make configuring easier for example.

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