Fri 16 Nov 2018 12:08AM

Feedback on the Urease Inhibitor methodology process

CR Caroline Read Public Seen by 180

To seek feedback on how people found the approach to confirming the method to implement urease inhibitors - to inform our next discussion


Caroline Read Fri 16 Nov 2018 12:18AM

Hi All - so we can make sure this process works as a method to discuss and confirm new modelling approaches for Overseer, we are keen to hear about your experience.
Can you tell us if you had any trouble using Loomio?, if you found the discussion useful and/or easy to follow? Why you chose not to vote if you didnt? And add any other feedback/suggestions.

Many thanks for taking the time to engage on this.


Surinder Saggar Fri 16 Nov 2018 7:59AM

I couldn't access to comment after posting my first input. Eventually I had to email my comments to Caroline


TerraCare Fertilisers Sun 18 Nov 2018 8:09PM

I found it good, it was a little hard to follow different threads at first but it worked well really. I found it interesting to read other peoples comments as they highlighted aspects I hadnt picked up. I didnt vote as by the time I was ready and I got back to vote it had closed :)


Alister Metherell Tue 20 Nov 2018 4:18AM

A useful way to get feedback on a proposal.

I needed to do more reading on the N fertiliser volatisation model to put the proposed urease inhibitor methodology in context. It would have been useful if this context had been provided initially or at least participants could have been directed to the appropriate places to find it.

The response to my questions was too slow and hence I ended up not voting as the poll closed before I got back to it. I would also have posted an additional comment on implementation using the existing fertiliser N type classification with an additional code.

The way different threads were created was a bit confusing.


Caroline Read Tue 27 Nov 2018 8:40PM

Thank you all for your great feedback - I held out an extra week in case anyone had anymore!
We will look to how we can ensure we give enough context or reference on future proposals - thanks for that feedback Alister.
We will make sure we direct people to the Loomio help page https://help.loomio.org/en/
It has lots of information about how to use it. And hopefully this will sort out people accidentally creating new threads as well (i found that a bit confusing too).