Wed 9 Feb 2022 6:28AM

COVID Resources for Members, Participants and Independent Support Workers

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The How to Jedlet was developed recently to assist in developing practical resources regarding the Covid Pandemic. Following initial meetings, resources/information was collated into fact/information sheets that can be used by our members when holding discussions regarding Covid. The info/fact sheets are also located under the Risk Jedi > COVID 19 Corona Virus Documents and Updates > How to Jedlet.

Attached are the Information/Fact Sheets for your reference/use. If you have any feedback or questions, please post them here. The Risk Jedi will be monitoring the Covid situation and will reconvene the How to Jedlet when/if information changes (we do know information can change rather rapidly). We would like to remind everyone to also keep up to date with any relevant Health advice in your particular jurisdiction (i.e. from your State Health Department).

A separate thread will be created so you can ask any specific questions (i.e. curly questions you may be asked and need the help/assistance of the Jeder Brains trust).


Renee Davies Wed 9 Feb 2022 10:33AM

Great work - and I don't claim to have contributed, apologies again for my unavailability for the meetings. A note for an update (already) to the Participant Guide that occurred since 21st Jan - NDIS participants can now purchase RATs with their Core funding when needed for continuity of services/access to supports.



Lisa Zulfiqar Wed 9 Feb 2022 10:17PM

great work


Brett Pischke Wed 9 Feb 2022 10:51PM

is it just me. or can no one else open these attachments. I can open them but they are blank.


Yvonne Wed 9 Feb 2022 11:30PM

Mine comes up blank initially, but then appears in downloads and then I can open it.


Aleks Jovanovic Thu 10 Feb 2022 12:37AM

Thank you🙏


Michaela Kennedy Sun 13 Feb 2022 1:39AM

I downloaded all three docs and the independent worker doc and guide for participants is downloading blank. However in the Jeder Member info doc the links to the independent support worker info and guide for participants works well. Once I open those docs the links don't work.

Lots of great information and connections to resources. Can we have them in accessible formats, especially the one for participants?


[deactivated account] Mon 14 Feb 2022 8:33AM


Renee Davies Tue 15 Feb 2022 11:03AM

Sorry for the link without comment earlier. Please use this link above to access the How to Jedlet folder in Sharepoint. You can see all three documents there.