Fri 8 Jun 2018 7:54PM

Coms for the DApp

V Vojtěch Šimetka Public Seen by 211

To stick with our principles of transparency and decentralisation I would like to disclose a conversation that took place after you left, which resulted in certain decisions.

As we begin the onboarding process for the DApp increased communication will be needed. Regular updates, Blog posts and coordination with the new DAC’s. From my perspective this should be one person who is like minded, willing to listen and attend to the needs of DApp specific tasks. Myself, Griff and Yalor were able to speak with Giveth’s newest contributor whom you all might have met, Adam Reese. We came up with a framework for how this position would be handled.
Feel free to take a look at some of his recent work. https://www.ethnews.com/researchers-unveil-proposal-to-beef-up-state-channel-tech

Integrate Adam into the DApp team, paticipation in weekly DApp meetings, begin writing and publishing articles:
Example of articles Adam would start with:

  • Milestone Conversations: New addition to the DApp, allowing people to provide proof of achieving milestone and clear milestone history.
  • DApp UI challenges and solutions: Talking about the UI solution, how to show multiple tokens etc…
  • The path to complete decentralisation of the DApp: this would describe where we stand, what is centralised now and how do we see those parts to become decentralised. Could be a series.

The first article is solid, the other ones are up for a discussion and open for suggestions from the whole team.

He will be available for the next 3 weeks and has expressed a strong desire to work on these articles as much as possible, after that he is on limited internet availability until September, which gives us a great chance to review our needs moving forward. Leading up to September we review this collaboration aiming to move towards regular rewards.

I propose we take the Giveth UBI model and spread it into bounties.
So let’s consider that we have a 2400 EUR comms budget that will be spread out across all articles published in the next 3 weeks.
These article bounties will also follow our 70-30% rule so based on the total cost of an article (currently in the $25/hr USD range) there will be an additional 30%that we can vote on and could flow from one article to another.


Kris is Sat 9 Jun 2018 10:47AM

Thanks for the transparency Vojtech, great proposal, supporting this 100%. Adam is a super talented guy and it will be great to see more DApp Comms. Will add the first one to the comms sheet and the others when they are kicked off. As said it makes most sense to me that Adam is paid through comms and the DApp team funds Comms so that we keep things as logical as possible. Otherwise a separate comms circle (where we unify all comm efforts) makes de facto less sense.