Thread title search and linking within comment editing

DS Danyl Strype Public Seen by 67

I often find myself wanting to reference other Loomio threads within Loomio comments. It would be great if there was a simple way to search for and link to another thread, similar to the same way I can reference other group members with @mentions. I'm envisioning a workflow like:

  • I begin a sentence with a ! or some other common, non-alphanumeric character

  • I start typing keywords

  • a pop-up starts showing me threads whose title includes those keywords (if any) using the backend components that power the normal thread search feature

  • when the thread title I want to reference appears, I click on it

  • the thread title text is inserted into my comment, in place of the ! and keywords I typed, and linked to that thread


Robert Guthrie Sun 7 Jun 2020 8:21PM

Sounds like a good basis for wiki style collaboration


Matthew Bartlett Sun 7 Jun 2020 9:59PM

I've often felt a wish for this too. I like the way it works in Github-land. The sense of building a web of connected shared knowledge.