Wed 6 May 2015 7:44AM

What data should we ask Statistics NZ to provide by API?

SM Shaun McGirr Public Seen by 168

Statistics NZ has amazing open data, and have offered to make some of it machine-readable via API for GovHack. But we have to tell them what we want! Post ideas here. www.stats.govt.nz


Aaron Schiff Wed 6 May 2015 8:45AM

If it's ongoing, all the data that gets quarterly updates would be most useful in an API (national accounts, CPI, retail trade, etc).

If just for GovHack then maybe the Census mesh block dataset, digital boundary files, and business demographics data?


Shaun McGirr Wed 13 May 2015 10:34PM

I've communicated this on to Stats NZ and am meeting them next week to discuss, thanks for the steer Aaron!


David Laing Fri 15 May 2015 9:26AM

Comparable cost of living data across regions and cities in New Zealand.


Shaun McGirr Mon 8 Jun 2015 1:00AM

This could be a cool thing to produce out of GovHack. What would it need as components?
- Housing
- Transportation
- Food
- Services