Mon 18 Jul 2016 4:18PM

Your Buying Decision is More Powerful than Your Vote

AG Alan Greenhome Public Seen by 340

Multi national corporations are able to buy our government because we continue to buy their unsustainable Products. At a meeting of Think Tank at OWS we came up with the idea of moving our money from coal to solar, from oil to bikes and Plug-in cars, from GMOs to local organic food, from corporate media to independent media and from big banks to local Credit Unions. This moves the center of political balance back to the people. That is why AParallelWorld.com was created.

Is this one of the next steps coming out of the Occupy Movement?


Alan Greenhome Mon 18 Jul 2016 4:21PM

AParallelWorld.com Is now up and Running. See a Powerful strategy to take back our lives.