Attending Arts Arcata

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Please Confirm attendance for Arts Arcata at Outer Space - Meeting at 7:30 PM


ryan_ Mon 5 Feb 2018 6:36PM

I know dorian, heather & I are going. My friend Sam who is a hsu student and wants to do a show in march or may is also going to attend.


ryan_ Mon 5 Feb 2018 6:39PM

Also Frankie has expressed a desire to hold the 2nd monthly LGBTQ Bizaar Craft Fair on March 9. Not sure if they can make it on Fri but it should be on the agenda. https://www.loomio.org/d/ke93U68E/monthly-lgbtqia-craft-fair-proposal?utm_campaign=poll_mailer&utm_medium=email&utm_source=poll_expired


Zoe Mon 5 Feb 2018 8:56PM

I will not be able to attend this meeting - I hope a lot of beauty and inspiration comes forth from it!