Mon 27 Nov 2017 1:07AM

Helping other families

PH Paul Hughes Public Seen by 418

Hi all Given that we have 5 or 6 other families needing help presumably renters may I suggest going back to the community in a similar manner to what we did before 1. Ask Paekakariki resident landlords to give preference to Paekakariki residents and rent to them at the lower end of the market 2. Ask Paekakariki holiday home owners if their homes can be used as bridging accommodation when they are not using them while renters are waiting for new rentals to come on the market Paul


AW Mon 11 Dec 2017 9:36PM

Hi. I agree with Paul above - from what I see a lack of affordable rentals is changing our population, affecting the school roll and generally making it hard for families and lower income earners to stay. There are so many Air BnB and baches lying empty most of the time - I so wish there was some way we could convince some of the owners to switch them to long term rentals, especially <$400 pw. Finding their emails and approaching them would take time, but it might help persuade a few? Wishful thinking?


SallyH Tue 12 Dec 2017 5:42PM

How can these places be identified and emails found? Happy to help with this task in 2018. In meantime, there is an opportunity 26 Dec - 2 Jan when owners might be staying. Perhaps encourage neighbours to start a conversation (Trust run property management, as previously discussed) or leaflet drop to front door (some don't have a mailbox).


Paul Hughes Mon 29 Jan 2018 3:31AM

I know some paelakariki landlords that you could contact


Mark Amery Wed 31 Jan 2018 1:50AM

@sallyh SallyH this is a wonderful offer and @paulhughes2 a good prompt - it is something that has been under discussion. We have a PHT meeting @tinapope where this offer from @sallyh can be discussed in line with the priorities.


SallyH Wed 31 Jan 2018 4:03AM

Unfortunately Sally Heppenstall got a full time job in Wellington until 31 October and has to withdraw her offer. Sorry!

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