Sat 6 Jan 2018 5:37PM

Strategy diagram

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I'm posting my first version of the strategy diagram we talked about on Thursday. Apologies if I have missed anyone off or got them in wrong place! Anna, Bryn - I wasn't sure where to put you! Comments welcome.


Alice Hovanessian Sun 7 Jan 2018 5:30PM

Thanks for this Claire. Other events group members on the mailing list are:
Tony Ambrose
Ruth Malloy
Linda Graham
Sally Kemball-Smith
David Lucas
Maggie Turner
Dick Daniel
Linds Batson
Isabella Stefanutti
Tony Shield
Deborah Brosnan
Paula Nixon
Catherine Henaghan
Kate Paisley
Geraldine Stork
Hazel Pennaig


Claire Thomas Mon 8 Jan 2018 8:30PM

Thanks Alice. I will definitely add Tony however I think we should only list the key people who are going to attend (all) the meetings and drive the group. Who do you think this would be?


Linda Graham Sun 21 Jan 2018 3:19AM



Ruth Malloy Sun 7 Jan 2018 10:31PM

Thanks, Claire. Please would you add me to the Media group, because although I don't write much, I do advertise the street stall every week on our Facebook page(s), and I always offer to proofread the newsletters and flyers.

I also think you should add Gareth (database maintenance) and Peter (volunteers training) to the volunteers/members sub-group!


Claire Thomas Mon 8 Jan 2018 8:40PM

Have added Gareth and Peter as you suggest - thanks. If you're busy on outreach, don't feel you have to be media group too. I was seeing the lists of people in each group being the ones who attend most of the meetings and drive the output, just so we can see who has a main responsibility for what. It's not however to preclude anyone having anything else to do with another group. What do you think?


Tony Ambrose Mon 8 Jan 2018 9:30AM

Great start Clare. Thanks for doing this. I should come off outreach group.and be on events and volunteer groups. I will be meeting with Gareth (and William if around) later this week to define the brief and strategy of the supporter/volunteer group. As Alice said, the events group has reduced to a very few activists which can put undue stress on the few remaining people. I suggest the rump of the events group meets to draw up a similar plan to define its brief and also to create a strategy to rebuild its numbers asap. I am sure we will be attract new members from our supporter base.


Sally Long Mon 8 Jan 2018 3:42PM

Thanks for doing this Claire. I suppose Commuter Call fits best under Outreach as would Maggie's berets as part of merchandise. That would have me straddling two subgroups though.


Claire Thomas Mon 8 Jan 2018 8:43PM

Hi Sally, I left you and Maggie where you are because it seems to be working fine as it is and yes, you would end up being in two groups. and I'd like to avoid that. I suggest we leave as is for now - we can always amend later.


Mark Baines Mon 8 Jan 2018 5:27PM

Thanks. I'm happy in the Outreach Group. My services are available to all.


Claire Thomas Mon 8 Jan 2018 8:43PM

Thanks Mark, or should I say Boris?!


Anna Beria Tue 16 Jan 2018 8:53PM

Thanks, Claire, I don't know myself where I fit. I usually attend the steering meetings, even though I don't have any specific responsibility. Somehow I've ended up representing the group at "One-Day-Without-Us" meetings. I try to help with events, as and when. Maybe best classed as a generic "volunteer".


Claire Thomas Wed 17 Jan 2018 1:49PM

Rev 2 of diagram attached. Amendments in red. Further comments welcome.


Alan Richard Champneys Thu 18 Jan 2018 11:50AM

I can't see the attachment


Jane Riekemann Thu 18 Jan 2018 5:28PM

Sorry, but I can't can't see the attachment


Claire Thomas Thu 18 Jan 2018 9:40PM

Sorry - malfunction my end. Here it is. Any further comments welcome for next steering group mtg.


Tony Ambrose Fri 19 Jan 2018 9:59AM

Hi claire, I must either have an ancient version of word, or its a loomio glitch, but the doc wont open properly. Could you please email the doc to me and maybe I will be able to open it. Thanks


Tony Ambrose Fri 19 Jan 2018 10:28AM

I have sort of opened it: Here are my ideas.
1) Last nights meeting was a good example of how in my opinion we have now grown to the point where we can't adequately deal with all the key decision making in one meeting where we are all present. Everyone is valuable to the campaign and everyone has different skills to contribute. But by discussing everything withing the steering group, we quite rightly want a say on everything , myself included. We had to defer some important content form last night and this will happen more and more as the campaign grows and we bring more people on board, (if the volunteer sub group is successful!), and make more external contacts.
2) I support the suggestion that the steering or policy group is just that, reviewing finances, policy, forward planning and strategy, and that representatives from more specialist working groups feed back into this group at regular meetings probably fortnightly. The steering group would make recommendations to each of the working groups which they would then action. They would be trusted to get on with it and deliver, and so the steering /policy group would not normally get involved in the finer detail of stalls, meetings, leaflets etc etc, except in unusual circumstances. This does mean that we need to focus on building up the groups asap.
Change is always tricky, but I think we have an opportunity to bring lots more people on board this year which could mean lots more activities and this can only work if we de centralise.
3) We need to counterbalance this by ensuring that all activists remain connected and able to contribute to the debate, as without motivated activists, we are nothing. I can think of two ways to do this.The steering group should consult with all activists using loomio and they should refer to the responses when reaching decisions. Remember that the steering group will include reps from the working groups and any other it co opts. It wont just be the chair, treasurer and secretary! And secondly all activists need to have a forum where they can meet and network and share their ideas so maybe we need to build in monthly or two monthly activists meetings like the one we had at brsli, that are also social with food.


Linda Graham Fri 19 Jan 2018 4:13PM

It seems that no chair was appointed after all?Maybe some key people were missing at the David Owen thing?


Ruth Malloy Fri 19 Jan 2018 4:20PM

@lindagraham There was only one candidate, Claire Thomas, and she was appointed by those present at the meeting.


Ian Bartle Fri 19 Jan 2018 5:39PM

I thought we might have a formal announcement of the outcome of the meeting last night regarding the chair? It seemed to me that we were all very happy with the outcome - I guess that'll be reflected in the minutes.

Some of us have, however, raised questions about whether a much slimmed down steering group is a good idea. Whilst understanding the arguments for that, it seems we are at risk of losing the interpersonal contacts/dynamic between us all (rather than just those within subgroups). Text on screen (loomio/email) is fine as far as it goes but it's no substitute for contact with real people. The possibility of a more frequent strategy meeting (like the brsli one) might be a way round the problem. Didn't we say we'd discuss this at the next meeting?


Linda Graham Fri 19 Jan 2018 8:29PM

It is important that we publicise the appointment of a new chair. Email newsletter? Maybe also ask those on our contact lists to confirm/update what contribution they are best placed to make- even if it means a change of group. A simple questionnaire?


Jane Riekemann Fri 19 Jan 2018 8:29PM

I think the main reason we didn't get through our agenda was that the major part of the meeting was, quite rightly, taken up with presentations and discussions with the representatives from the European Movement. Had it been a slimmed down meeting, much would have been lost - I think we were all inspired by what they had to say and I'm delighted there were so many to meet them.


Tony Ambrose Fri 19 Jan 2018 1:46PM

my comments on the diagram:
should we merge events and media? After all, there are no events without media, and little to talk about without events. Over time as we get more activists, we can split these groups, but at the moment the events group isn't really a group.
Outreach and volunteers also sit quite well together- stalls, making berets, commuter calls, all require volunteers. It also means for those of us who are broadly involved , and there are many, they dont have 3 or 4 meetings to go to! There is nothing stopping either of these groups setting up mini working groups to focus on particular projects. It would mean that each group might send a couple of people to the steering group.


Anna Beria Fri 19 Jan 2018 6:51PM

I thought that's what was decided at the extended meeting at the BRSLI, i.e.two reps from each group.
Congrats to #Claire on your appointment. Thanks for coming forward!


Anna Beria Fri 19 Jan 2018 8:41PM

I'm glad that so many of us decided to attend the steering meeting, and that the EM reps proved so inspiring. Which is certainly more than can be said for David Owen's talk at The Edge last night. 😣



Claire Thomas Sat 20 Jan 2018 1:50PM

Thank you everyone for your comments. I attach an updated diagram rev 3, as a pdf file which might be easier to open up. Here are my thoughts/wishes;

Steering group - should remain as free to everyone and plan future strategy however should be less frequent ie every 2-3 months and should be in a venue where we can fit everyone comfortably and be long enough so everyone can have their say. These should be planned in diaries now so that everyone has the chance to attend.

Core group - this is a new group. It is there to deliver the strategy that comes out of the steering group and does this by overviewing and coordinating the sub-groups. Outcome of these meetings to be communicated back to all.

Sub groups - as I said last Thursday I see these as largely autonomous and is where the real work so to speak happens. I would encourage everyone to decide which sub-group suits them best and think about how you can best deliver your bit of the strategy. I like the idea of Media/Events and Outreach/Volunteers coming together initially as two larger groups - indeed had a similar thought myself. I have reflected this in the diagram.

We agreed at the 4 Jan meeting at BRSLI that we need to grow by attracting new members and helping existing members to become more active. I think this set up will appeal to new people as there will be focussed sub-groups for them to attend and 'belong' to and the opportunity every 2-3 months to meet with everyone in a less structured way.

We can discuss this more next Tuesday however we are hi-jacking the media group meeting and we also need to talk Hugo Dixon and Pulse so please post any further comments here to save time at the meeting.


Jane Riekemann Sat 20 Jan 2018 4:37PM

Great diagram, Claire, but can see that Mark has slipped into Outreach (which might be where he belongs) but his input is crucial to Media as he's responsible for our publications and not having him at meetings might affect our decision making.


Claire Thomas Sat 20 Jan 2018 4:51PM

Mark has posted on this thread that he is happy in Outreach and that his services are open to all. This diagram is to show people's primary responsibilities and we could do with Mark helping on Outreach, but this does not preclude him from coming to Media meetings if he is needed.


Ruth Malloy Sat 20 Jan 2018 11:06PM

Your diagram's great, Claire. There's a lot of overlapping of tasks and roles, but by using Loomio effectively, I hope we'll manage to communicate well and make timely decisions.


Linda Graham Sat 20 Jan 2018 11:21PM

I'm following this thread. Thank you Claire. I have been a regular at Alice's Events Group meetings. I will continue there for now if it helps and follow that group if it merges with media (where I might also have contributions to make). I will continue to volunteer on the Saturday stalls as I can. If Outreach/Volunteers seems to fit me better over the next few months, or there's more need there, I'll consider switching. As Ruth says there's a lot of cross-over of skllls and tasks!


Claire Thomas Sun 21 Jan 2018 2:06PM

Linda, thank you, that is great. Your help and support in Events will be greatly appreciated and I will add you to the diagram. And your second point is well made - if we need to make changes later, we can.


Bryn Jones Tue 23 Jan 2018 10:53PM

Most of the proposals seem fine to me. However, other commitments mean I can' t contribute to any of the action groups at present. With that in mind my only observation, for what it's worth, is that the assignation of strategy formation to a Steering Group meeting only every 2-3 months will probably hand strategic planning mostly to the core group - a lot can happen in two months. That could have advantages but it would make most Coordinating group work rather remote and possibly ineffective. Maybe the SG should meet monthly?


Claire Thomas Wed 18 Apr 2018 8:39PM

Just realised latest rev was not on this thread.