Sat 6 Jan 2018 5:37PM

Strategy diagram

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I'm posting my first version of the strategy diagram we talked about on Thursday. Apologies if I have missed anyone off or got them in wrong place! Anna, Bryn - I wasn't sure where to put you! Comments welcome.


Alice Hovanessian Sun 7 Jan 2018 5:30PM

Thanks for this Claire. Other events group members on the mailing list are:
Tony Ambrose
Ruth Malloy
Linda Graham
Sally Kemball-Smith
David Lucas
Maggie Turner
Dick Daniel
Linds Batson
Isabella Stefanutti
Tony Shield
Deborah Brosnan
Paula Nixon
Catherine Henaghan
Kate Paisley
Geraldine Stork
Hazel Pennaig


Claire Thomas Mon 8 Jan 2018 8:30PM

Thanks Alice. I will definitely add Tony however I think we should only list the key people who are going to attend (all) the meetings and drive the group. Who do you think this would be?


Linda Graham Sun 21 Jan 2018 3:19AM



Ruth Malloy Sun 7 Jan 2018 10:31PM

Thanks, Claire. Please would you add me to the Media group, because although I don't write much, I do advertise the street stall every week on our Facebook page(s), and I always offer to proofread the newsletters and flyers.

I also think you should add Gareth (database maintenance) and Peter (volunteers training) to the volunteers/members sub-group!


Claire Thomas Mon 8 Jan 2018 8:40PM

Have added Gareth and Peter as you suggest - thanks. If you're busy on outreach, don't feel you have to be media group too. I was seeing the lists of people in each group being the ones who attend most of the meetings and drive the output, just so we can see who has a main responsibility for what. It's not however to preclude anyone having anything else to do with another group. What do you think?


Tony Ambrose Mon 8 Jan 2018 9:30AM

Great start Clare. Thanks for doing this. I should come off outreach group.and be on events and volunteer groups. I will be meeting with Gareth (and William if around) later this week to define the brief and strategy of the supporter/volunteer group. As Alice said, the events group has reduced to a very few activists which can put undue stress on the few remaining people. I suggest the rump of the events group meets to draw up a similar plan to define its brief and also to create a strategy to rebuild its numbers asap. I am sure we will be attract new members from our supporter base.


Sally Long Mon 8 Jan 2018 3:42PM

Thanks for doing this Claire. I suppose Commuter Call fits best under Outreach as would Maggie's berets as part of merchandise. That would have me straddling two subgroups though.


Claire Thomas Mon 8 Jan 2018 8:43PM

Hi Sally, I left you and Maggie where you are because it seems to be working fine as it is and yes, you would end up being in two groups. and I'd like to avoid that. I suggest we leave as is for now - we can always amend later.


Mark Baines Mon 8 Jan 2018 5:27PM

Thanks. I'm happy in the Outreach Group. My services are available to all.


Claire Thomas Mon 8 Jan 2018 8:43PM

Thanks Mark, or should I say Boris?!

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