Wed 1 Jun 2022 7:40AM

Covid Safe Plan- for review and feedback

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A draft COVID Safe Plan was developed to assist some members in a recent tender application. This document was developed as a draft and "good enough for now" document to submit with the tender. It would be great for you to review this document and provide comment by the 13/06/22 so any feedback or changes can be made before taking it back to the Risk Jedi as a final document then registered with the Documents Jedi. To access the document- please click here- Jeder Institute COVIDsafe Plan.docx

We are being requested more often to provide this document as "evidence" of our COVID Safe Strategies to ensure we have appropriate COVID Safe practices/processes. Some examples of where this has been asked is to access/visit Schools, Aged Care Facilities and for tenders (especially Government tenders).

It is proposed this document will eventually be stored in the Risk Jedi (Covid19- Corona Virus Documents and Updates). It will also be distributed via email as an "All Jeder" email communication.

Just a friendly reminder that it is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate PPE and resources available to you, depending on the environment you are visiting (for example- when I visit a Correctional Centre or Youth Justice Facility- I am still required to conduct a RAT test before entry, provide proof/evidence of my vaccination status and wear full PPE including gowns, face mask, face shield and gloves). You can obtain PPE as a reimbursement from your class or you can contact me (preferably via email) as I have a supply available.


Kaeleen Hunter Wed 1 Jun 2022 7:56AM

more great work team jeder & thanks jason for sharing..........I was recently asked in the CoS space if I (we) have a plan by a SIL provider and do think this ticks that box.

Bit of format war going on but other than that reads well.

ALSO didnt know that Jeder are required to ensure all members are compliant to relevant state mandates - did I get that right? - thanks for the info.


Jason Emmins Wed 1 Jun 2022 8:54AM

Thanks Kaeleen- I can see there is a bit of formatting wars happening- on the final document it will all be ok (as we will provide it in PDF). I think its going to be asked for more and more often.

Yes, we need to make sure all members do comply with relevant mandates (and laws etc for that fact).


Kaeleen Hunter Sun 5 Jun 2022 2:51AM

hey Jason - how do we know all members are compliant and what is the implications if they arent?? I have been begun negotiating with a participant in Alice Springs - which state does my compliance sit under?? I think I would be great to at least establish her plan and as I will be in Alice soon and have some good connections I may hand over - just a thought because I am thinking I wouldn't be the only one with interstate participants??


Michaela Kennedy Sun 5 Jun 2022 10:15AM

Please be careful on what you say is law, legal, reportable. I think the definition of the mandates as being legal is still up for debate. To date we have not found evidence around the mandates being legal but happy to see some evidence.


Michaela Kennedy Sun 5 Jun 2022 10:15AM

Good question


Jason Emmins Sun 5 Jun 2022 8:13PM

@Michaela Kennedy There is evidence around the mandates being legal- there have been court (both state and High Courts) that have heard these specific arguments and found them to be legal. If there is any reliable information you other others have that refute this I would be happy to see it (this has been asked but never provided). I am not sure what the intention of your question is here but it is not something for this thread.


Jason Emmins Sun 5 Jun 2022 8:19PM

Thanks @Kaeleen Hunter- it would be relevant state where you are conducting business (in your case it would be the NT).

You do ask some good questions though.

As an organisation, we are required to ensure we follow all relevant legislation (either Local, State or Federal). This is part of our Registration with the NDIS (and other contractual obligations- generally linked to funding contracts).

At the moment, we are aware there are members who do not meet the mandate requirements and at this stage they are not conducting any face to face appointments (this has been confirmed in writing). If there are circumstances where we (as in individuals) are aware this is not happening, we need to be aware so we can review it and talk about appropriate ways forward. Based on the information to date, there is a risk that if people are not following the requirements we could face a fine (and subsequent implications for break the law including possible deregistration with our current registrations). I would be happy to be contacted with any specifics if anyone is aware of situations where this is not happening. Maybe we can also develop a Poll to determine what, as an organisation, we would do in these circumstances (i.e. is the individual member responsible or is the organisation responsible)?


Michaela Kennedy Sun 5 Jun 2022 9:03PM

Thanks Jason, I would like to see that evidence. Maybe we start another Jedlet, validity of the mandate. Please check the privacy act as it refers to requesting information about people’s health status.


Michaela Kennedy Sun 5 Jun 2022 9:39PM

I do not agree with the approach of telling Jason if you are aware of someone not complying with the mandate. This is a hierarchal approach and causes division in the organisation. Where was this discussed and decided on as an approach?

I agree conversations about the mandates need to happen and what is Jeder’s organisational approach. As far as I’m aware the lawyers report is in and is being considered at the Risk Jedi. I think it would be good to let the membership know what discussions are happening where as we do in the Mandate WorkAround, posted here on Loomio after each meeting. Anyone is welcome to join if you align with the purpose.


Jason Emmins Mon 6 Jun 2022 1:00PM

Thanks @Michaela Kennedy. In terms of raising the concerns if people are not following or complying with something, this was only a suggestion as a point of contact for members. It can also be raised as a complaint and any one of the members can do this- within existing frameworks.

I can certainly raise it again at the Risk Jedi and would encourage any member to join this Jedi- the more the merrier. I will also discuss with the Bored as its a significant risk to Jeder if we are made aware of any of these situations and do not act upon them. I know it may not be entirely the same, but I liken it someone being charged with a serious criminal offence- we should be made aware of this as it has serious implications for us as an organisation. To me, the premise and level of seriousness is the same.

I feel we are going down a rabbit warren that is not for this thread- this thread is about the COVIDsafe Plan.

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